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First Posted: March 7, 1999 Content Last Modified: November 17, 1999

1. ULRICH KRAUTER / ULRICK CROWDER is first found in the spring of 1763 on Granny's Quarter Creek of the Wateree River in South Carolina. After this he is found in North Carolina, where in 1789 he established a town named Ulrichsburg / Crowderstown in what is now Catawba County. Where was Ulrich Krauter prior to 1763? Go to Ulrichsburg

2. HUGH QUINN and JOHN FONDREN first appear in the deeds, tax lists and other public records of Granville County, North Carolina, with Fondren there as early as 1757 and Quinn appearing during the early 1760s. Where were they prior to this time? Were they associated prior to Granville County or is Mitchell's tavern in Granville Co. where they first met? Was Hugh Quinn a member of the O'Quinn family of northeastern N. C. ? Hugh Quinn was apparently Irish. But what was John Fondren? Was "Fondren", or some previous variation of this name, also Irish? Or was "Fondren" a German name or a variant of the Germanic "von" + "der" + "-----" (meaning from the _____ placename) ? These two men were closely associated through out their lives. Were they related to each other, or were their wives related? Hugh also appears in the Orange County court records. Go to Fondren & Quinn



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