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Posted Feb 2, 1999. Revised Oct 17, 2006 with notes on James Bridges and Patrick Hamrick. Last updated May 15, 2012.

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1. The Bridges and Hamrick Families (1976) Go to 1976 Bridges article

2. The Bridges and Hambrick Families from Prince William County, Va. to Rutherford Co., N. C. (1993) Go to 1993 Bridges article

3. James Bridges, several different men.Go to James Bridges

4. Patrick Hamrick and James Bridges Go to Patrick Hamrick

5. Bridges Y-DNA project test results Go to Bridges Y-DNA results

6. Hamrick / Hambrick Y-DNA project test results Go to Hamrick Y-DNA results

7. John Fondren & Hugh Quinn ca 1765 from Granville Co., N. C. to Mecklenburg / Tryon Co. Go to Fondren/Quinn

8. History of a town Ulrichsburg / Crowderstown established in 1789 by Ulrich Krauter / Ulrick Crowder in Catawba County, N. C. Go to Ulrichsburg

9. The 1772 North Carolina - South Carolina Boundary Survey and the Formation of South Carolina Counties Go to article. This article which was written in 1993 and published in 2010 in the "Bulltein of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County" lists references at the end of the article. Additional reading materials on this topic include: "The Expansion of South Carolina 1729 - 1765" by Robert L. Meriwether (1940); and " North Carolina Boundary Disputes Involving her Southern Line" by Marvin Lucian Skaggs (1941).

QUERIES related to genealogy and history:

1. Ulrich Krauter / Ulrick Crowder in S. C. in 1763 and in 1789 Ulrichsburg / Crowderstown, now in Catawba Co., N. C. Go to Queries

2. Hugh Quinn & John Fondren in 1760s Granville Co., N. C. to old Tryon Co., N. C. Go to Queries



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