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HUGH QUINN and JOHN FONDREN first appear in the deeds, tax lists and other public records of Granville County, North Carolina, with Fondren there as early as 1757 and Quinn appearing during the early 1760s. Where were they prior to this time? Were they associated prior to Granville County or is Mitchell's tavern in Granville Co. where they first met? Was Hugh Quinn a member of the O'Quinn family of northeastern N. C. ? Hugh Quinn was apparently Irish. But what was John Fondren? Was "Fondren", or some previous variation of this name, also Irish? Or was "Fondren" a German name or a variant of the Germanic "von" + "der” + “en-----" (meaning from the ______ placename)? These two men were closely associated through out their lives. Were they related to each other, or were their wives related? Hugh also appears in the Orange County court records.

Granville Co., N. C. Ordinary Bonds, original records, N. C. Archives. On September 10, 1756, Robert Mitchell and Reuben Searcy were bound for Robert Mitchell to keep obtain a license to keep an Ordinary (tavern) on Mitchell's Road where Nutbush path crosses (north part of the County). The license was for one year.

Granville Co., N. C. Ordinary Bonds, original records, N. C. Archives. On September 7, 1757 John Fondren, John Glover and Nath'l. Harris were bound for John Fondren to obtain a license to keep an Ordinary (tavern) at the dwelling house called Robert Mitchell's.

The license permitted the holder of the license to ... "provide in his sd Ordinary, good and wholsome & Cleanly Lodging & Diet for Travellers & Stableage, Fodder & Corn for their Horses or pastureage & Corn, as the Season shall require, for & durint the term of one year from the date hereof, & shall not suffer or permit any Unlawful Gaming in his House, nor on the Sabbath day suffer any person to Tipple or Drink more than is Necessary ... "

A few years later, the records show Hugh Quinn was operating an ordinary, apparently the same one previously operated by Fondren in Robert Mitchel's house.

A few years later, the tax records of Granville Co. show a man listed at the Mitchell residence as Hugh "Cahoon", and this "Cahoon" man is named in other records as a defendant in a court case. The appearance is created that Hugh Quinn may have first appeared in Granville Co. while using the name of Hugh "Cahoon" (? Cohoon, Calhoun ?). This topic needs additional research prior to making final conclusions.

Granville Co., N. C. Notes from Vol. 2, Minutes: "Ordinarys or Houses of Entertainment: Sept. 7, 1757. Jno. Fondren ordinary license granted. Sept. 19 Renewed (1758?)." (RE: "Histories and Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1800" by Thomas McAdory Owen, 1993. p. 185. Owen was from Alabama, and was descended from John Williams and related to the Granville Co. Hendersons. He was b. 1866 and d. 1920. In 1895 he borrowed the first several pre-1800 original record books from the Courthouse at Oxford and took the records to Washington while working, apparently very slowly, on a history which was never completed. His notes survive, and were published in 1993, but the current location of the borrowed original Granville Co. record books is unknown.

Halifax Co., N. C. deed volume 3 pages 100-102 (microfilm at N. C. Archives) records an early Edgecombe Co. deed. Richard Whittington of Edgecombe Co. to Ann Surgenar of Edgecombe Co. dated March 13, 1746/47. for 25 pounds, 100 acres in Edgecombe Co. on the south side of Great Fishing Creek, which was a patent to said Richard and is the plantation whereon the said Ann is now living. Witness: Samuel Davis (made oath); witness: Mary Fondem. Registered May court, 1747. Ann sold this land a few years later.

Was the above Mary "Fondem" actually a "Fondren"? The deed volume on film, is not the original, and this researcher had not yet attempted to find the original volume. Great Fishing Creek has headwaters as far north as the Granville Co. area which became Bute Co. and later Warren Co. The headwaters are not far from the Nutbush area where Mitchel's tavern was located. Other questions are how was Mary Fondem(?sp) connected to the widow Ann Surgenar (Surgonar, Sorjonar, Surjoyner, Surjoyner, ?Joyner)? Research in the Edgecombe / Bute / Warren Co. records is needed.

Mecklenburg Co., N. C. was formed in 1763 from Anson Co. John Fondren and Hugh Quinn moved about the year 1765 west from the Granville / Orange Co. area to the Mecklenburg Co. area west of the Catawba River that became Tryon County in 1769. In 1772 the boundary between North and South Carolina was surveyed, leaving Fondren and Quinn as residents of York County, S. C. The earliest three reference found in the Mecklenburg Co. deeds for these men are listed below.

Edward Crofts / Crafts of Mecklenburg Co., N. C. to John Fondren of ____ Co., ___. Deed dated April 11, 1765. recorded ____ 176-, Mecklenburg Co. volume 2, page 705. Consideration: 28 pounds proclamation money . ___ acres on waters of Fishing Creek on waggon road that leads from Kuykendall's to Charles Town, north of Charles Baities, granted to Crafts Nov. 9, 1764. Signed: Edward Crafts. Witness: James Hanna, William Price, John Thomas. (RE: "Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts 1763-1779" by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker p. 68) (sold as 100 acres on Oct. 28, 1765)

Thomas Hawkins of Mecklenburg Co., N. C. to John Fondren, planter of ___ Co. ___. Deed dated June 2 & 3, 1766. recorded ___ . Mecklenburg Co. volume 1, page 154-156. consideration: (lease 5 shillings; release 20 pounds) 200 acres on South side Cataba River, on Fishing Creek, adjoining Blaney Mills's line; granted to sd. Hawkins Oct. 30, 1765. Signed: Thomas Hawkins. Wit: John Thomas, Richard Sadler, Ralph Baker. (RE: "MCNCDA" by BHH & EOP p. 6).

Thomas Raney & wife Agness of Mecklenburg Co., N. C. to John Fondren of ____ Co. ___. Deed dated July 14, 1766. recorded ____ . Mecklenburg Co. Vol. 1, p. 160-161. Consideration: 80 pounds. 200 acres on Fishing Creek, part of a grant to Thomas Raney April 21, 1764. Signed: Thos. Raney, Ann Raney. Wit: John ____ , Hugh H. Quin, Ben: Philips. (RE: "MCNCDA" by BHH & EOP p. 6) (NOTE: The "H"signed by Quinn is probably not a middle initial, but is "his mark" of the first initial of his given name of "Hugh" NOTE: Other later references found in Mecklenburg Co. and Tryon Co. to these two men were not included in this query.

Were these two men in Maryland? The following book: "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1718-1777" by V. L. Shinner, Jr. on page 58 and 59 (from Liber 102, folois 101-114 of the Court records), has included a list of debts due to the estate of Philip Key dated December 9, 1769 in the inventories filed in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The list of debtors includes approximately 622 names (published in alphabetic order) and include John Foudron (?Fondren) and Hugh Quin. Other publications show that Philip Key was a High Sheriff and Justice in St. Mary's County, with his death occuring about March-Sept., 1764. The residency of the names on the published list is mostly not indicated, but a few are listed in other counties. The time and place of original debt is also not indicated. The obvious question is whether these are fees to be paid by the debtors for transactions conducted in St. Mary's County with Sheriff Key to be the debt collector in his official capacity; or whether these are merchantile debts such as store book accounts from trading companies based in Maryland with customers located outside of Maryland? By itself, as abstracted and published, without more details of the debt, this list does not place John Fondren and Hugh Quinn in Maryland prior to the death of Sheriff Key, but it raises this possibility for additional research.

BOOK: "Index of Wills & Administration Records, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1783-1810" (compiled and published by Richard T. Williams & Mildred C. Williams, Danboro, Pa. 1971-1972). Second book in a series of four, compiled from the "Index of Wills" and the "Index of Administrations" found in the Register of Wills office of the City of Philadelphia for the city and county of Philadelphia. Page 146-Quinn.
year / deceased's name / record / file no. / book / page
1786 Quinn, Michael Adm 111 I 178
1786 Quin, Patrick Adm 156 I 184
1796 Quin, Hugh Adm 83 H 236 Who was this man?
1798 Quin, John Adm 107 H 314
1799 Quin, Patrick Adm 51 H 363
1800 Quin, Peter Adm 23 K 33
1803 Quinn, James Will 69 1 120
1810 Quin, Martin Adm 45 K 375

BOOK: "Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819 - A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography" Edited by Michael Tepper (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore - 1975). Excerpted from twenty six articles of ship passenger lists in the "Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography" (PMHB) 1877-1934. Reprinted with a new Introduction and Indexes in 1975.

Page vii: "In their original form, the passenger lists derive from ships' manifests, cargo bills, and Captains' Lists and, in the majority of cases, are located in the holdings of the manuscript collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, publisher of the PMHB".

Page ix: "The list for 1745-46, Servants and Apprentices Bound and Assigned Before James Hamilton Mayor of Philadelphia, 1745, contributed by George W. Neible, is far the most extensive and originally appeared in nine separate numbers of the PMHB between 1906 and 1908", .... "servants and apprentices absconded in droves from their indentures"."

Page 54-179: "Servants and Apprentices Bound and Assigned before James Hamilton, Mayor of Philadelphia, 1745. Contributed by George W. Neible, Chester, Penna. " (Begins October 2, 1745).

Page 157: September 6th. (1746): Page 158: September 6th "Robert Cochran assigns Hugh Quin (a servant from Ireland in the ship Griffith) to Thomas McKane of Chester County, innholder, for four years from August 25th 1746. Consideration 14:10/ customary dues." (consideration was stated in pounds).

Page 158: September 6th "George Okill assigns Robert McCree (a servant from Ireland in the ship Griffin) to Renier Tyson of Phila. county, yeoman, for four years from August 25th 1746. Consideration 14: customary dues."

Page 161: September 11th "George O'Kell assigns Andrew Heslep (a servant from Ireland in the ship Griffin) to James Abraham of Phila. county, yeoman for six years from August 25th 1746. Consideration 14: customary dues."

Page 169: September 27th "George O'Kill assigns Patrick Stewart (a servant from Ireland in the ship Griffin) to James Craig of Bucks county, yeoman for four years from August 25th 1746. Consideration 14:10/ customary dues."

Page 169: September 27th "George O'Kill assigns Robert Russell (a servant from Ireland in the ship Griffin) to William Wright of Huntedan County in West Jersey, yeoman for seven years from August 25th 1746. Consideration 13: customary dues."

Comments by Mills Bridges: Oct. 29, 1999

One man named Hugh Quin arrived on the ship Griffith or Griffin in Philadelphia about August 25, 1746 with fellow Irish servant shipmates: Robert McCree, Andrew Heslep, Patrick Stewart, Robert Russell and un-identified others.

The question for researchers is was the immigrant passenger on the ship Griffin the Hugh Quin who moved to North Carolina or the Hugh Quin who died ca 1796 in Phildelphia Co., Pa.?

One Andrew Heslep / Heslip /Haslep / Haslop / Hoslop / appears in NC the published deed abstracts of Anson - Mecklenburg - Tryon Co. in 1761/1770 on the South side of the Catawba River, in 1774 on Brushy Creek of Little (First) Broad River, and in 1785 on the south fork of Buffalo Creek. There were a number of references which I quickly glanced at but I did not find a North Carolina Heslep document which also referenced a Quin or Fondren, but this needs to be checked further to determine if Heslep and Quin are the same men as on the ship. The Buffalo Creek reference for Heslep probably puts Heslep within "neighbor" distance of Quin/Fondren in NC/SC.

One Robert Cochran has an intestate record in Oxford Township, Chester Co., Pa. filed in 1759.

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