Prince William County, VA; Rutherford County, NC; Cleveland County, NC

Posted Nov 19, 1999; Revised Nov 19, 1999 by Mills Y. Bridges

Genealogy of Bridges and Hamrick / Hambrick and Other Related Families

A somewhat similar version of this article was published in the May, 1993 issue of "The Bulletin" of The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County. While part one of the article was being prepared, a sequel as part two was also in progress and was planned as the next documentation (in chronological sequence) of these families. Due to the preparation of part two being delayed, and additional new findings related to the earlier families, if there is interest, perhaps a summary "prequel" (information chronologically in front of and parallel to part one) can be prepared and submitted to "The Bulletin" for consideration as an update on the status of this research.

The BRIDGES and HAMBRICK Families from Prince William Co., Va. to Rutherford Co., N.C.

By: Mills Y. Bridges, 2111 Ridgefield Drive, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514-8661 telephone 919-489-0133

PART ONE April 1, 1993

This presentation of abstracted records, mostly chronological with comments in parentheses, tracing the movements of these two associated families is intended to create a genealogical data base of information to assist other researchers. This material is not presented as a completed genealogy, rather as a framework upon which to base additional research. It is probable some of the relationships between these early individuals from the same location sharing the same surname will never be proven. The lack of conclusive evidence is acceptable to support the valid conclusion of "unknown", but the lack of conclusive evidence is not acceptable as the basis of an unsupported wild goose guess which will be cited as fact by other researchers in future years. Colonial migrations were family affairs, so even if the name of a certain individual can not be specifically traced, at times the extended family can be identified and traced in the surviving records. Names of other persons and families appearing in these records, such as witnesses, bondsmen and adjoining landowners, who have continuing contact and could possibly be part of the extended family, are included in the event these other names can be used as "tracers" and eventually have relationships proven. Attempts will be made to include adequate references to permit other researchers to verify the contents of records presented here. This researcher has examined many of the records mentioned, but in some cases has included abstracts published by others and will identify those abstracts. All unindexed public records have not yet been read for information. Additional records and comments are requested. Additional information will be added to future versions of this article.

The early presence of BRIDGES men in the Northern Neck of Virginia, between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, included Anthony Bridges in the 1660s, Hercules Bridges in the 1640s, and William Bridges with a land grant in 1690. Although research on these men will probably be relevant to the study of this family for inclusion or exclusion, notes on these men will not be presented here due to the scope of this article. The present Rutherford Co. and Cleveland Co. Bridges are suspected (but not conclusively proven) to be descended from William Bridges who died in Prince William County in 1744, but tracer names also strongly associate the Pr. Wm. Co. Bridges with the William Bridges who d. 1724 in King George Co. The Hamricks are proven to be descended from Patrick Ham(b)rick, Sr. who was probably born prior to 1693, (probably in England), was present in King George Co. in 1722, moved to Pr. Wm. Co. ca 1739/40, was described in 1761 as "antient and infirm" and died in Pr. Wm. Co. in 1764. From Pr. Wm. Co., several Bridges families in the 1760s and several of the grandchildren of Patrick Hambrick in the 1770s migrated through North Carolina to the Old Tryon Co. and Rutherford Co. area.

The framework within which the BRIDGES family relationships must be analyzed was provided by Thomas Bridges, while living on Buffalo Creek when he wrote his will July 28, 1781, of Camden District, S.C.; probate Jan. 29, 1782 & recorded in Kershaw Co., S.C. Thomas named his wife Ann, and mentioned, but did not name, his old mother. Thomas left property to his five Bridges brothers: William, John, James, Benjamin & Joseph. Thomas mentioned Leady Bridges and Richard Bridges (who from other records are shown to be the wife, Lydia, and son of James Bridges). Thomas mentioned Sarah Bridges, but states no relationship (Sarah was questionably a daughter of James). Thomas also mentioned James Satterfield & Fredrick Hauckings (Hawkins), (creating the question of whether these two men married Bridges women?). Executors were his wife Ann Bridges & Joseph Camp (Rev. Camp, from Buffalo Baptist Church). Witnesses were Thomas Camp, William McBrayer and Martha McBrayer. Thomas did not indicate if he had children.

Approximate birthdates, based on appearances in the Virginia records, for James, Benjamin, William and Thomas Bridges are prior ca 1728/33. At the present time many of the Bridges family relationships cannot be proven. Based on geographical associations and joint appearances of specific individuals in the deeds and other records, and the appearance of obvious "tracer names", such as Alexander Davidson, it is reasonable to conclude the associated but presently "unidentified" Bridges were probably part of the same Northern Neck family.

Approximate birthdates, from the mid-1720s extending into the late 1730s, exist for probable sons of Patrick Hamrick Sr.and include: Patrick, Jr. b. prior 1731 d. 1780s N.C.; James Sr. b. prior 1731 d. ca 1774/88 Va.; John d. 1757; Robert d. 1757; probably Jeremiah b. ca 1738 alive 1800 Rutherford Co., N.C.; probably Benjamin Sr. b. 1739 alive 1832 Upson Co. Ga.; and possibly Joseph. The birthdates of Patrick Hamrick Sr.'s grandchildren begin in the 1740s, and include Benjamin Jr., Siras, William, Isaac, Thomas, Samuel, James, Enock, Price and others.

Families acquired surnames through four common methods: (1) place-name of geographical origin; (2) occupation; (3) personal physical, body characteristics; and (4) patronymics. Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, is the name given to the language, which had four dialects, spoken in England during the approximate time period from 400 to 1100 A.D. The Modern English surname BRIDGES is believed to have evolved from the Gothic word "brugja", (a noun meaning bridge, such as over a stream) through the form of "brycg(e)" in Old English. The "y " had the same sound as the "ü" in New High German, as in "mütter". Brycg became bryge, brücg(e), brügge, bruge, and with Middle English became bricge, brigge, brige, and bridge, with the Modern English surname of BRIDGES being used to identify a person or family descended from an ancestor who originally acquired the name for identification purposes to indicate he lived by a bridge. Reference is made to Old English Grammar by Joseph Wright, Oxford, 1925, 3rd ed. and Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition.

The reader is reminded Virginia was an English colony and the majority of early settlers had origins within Great Brittain. The surname of Patrick Hambrick's family appears in records of the Northern Neck of Virginia most frequently with only two variant spellings: HAM(B)RICK. Surnames associated with the Hambrick family in the Northern Neck records are primarily of English origin indicating the inhabitants of Patrick Hambrick's neighborhood were primarily of English descent. An old farmer once made a philosophical statement about finding and identifying things.......if you know it is big & heavy, has four legs, wears a saddle, pulls a plow and eats oats and you go behind your barn to look for it, you obviously should not expect to find a zebra. To begin the research task of finding the European origin of the Northern Neck surname of Hambrick, the name should objectively and reasonably be considered to be of English origin, until proven otherwise, unless you have subjectively predetermined you are looking for a zebra instead of a more common horse. The key to finding the European origin of Patrick Hambrick is the tracing of his shipmate, first cousin (children of brother and sister) Roger Day, an apparent Englishman.

Roger Day may have been found listed as a headright in a 1706 patent as #9-Roger "Deg" due to either a transcription error or poor pensmanship by the recordkeeper. Another headright on that same list was #17-"Henry Hambrok". A less plausible possibility is that the name of "Deg" on the list was the Old English spelling of the Modern English name of "Day". Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, indicates the Modern English noun "day" is derived through the Middle English word "dai" from the Old English word "daeg", (and was akin to the Gothic "dags", and Old High German "tag") which evolved from the primitive Germanic "dogaz". Old English Grammar by Joseph Wright, Oxford, 1925, third edition indicates basically the same as Webster and includes the Old Saxon form as "dag" from the primitive Germanic "dagaz". The O.E. ligature of "ae" became "a" in Modern English, and the O.E. "g" became "y". The Elements of Old English, Elementary & Reference Grammar by Samuel Moore & Thomas A. Knott, revised by James R. Hulbert, Michigan, 1965, tenth edition, writes on the pronunciation of consonants, p. 14-15: Old English "g" represents two sounds, a front (or palatal) open consonant, and a back (or velar) open consonant. The front sound of O.E. "g" was that of "y" in the Modern English word "yield". The back sound of O. E. "g" was that of "g" in the North German word "sagen". The "g" has the front (or palatal) sound, that of "y" in Modern English "yield" at the end of a word when preceded by a front vowel (ae, e, i), such as in the O. E. words: maeg, weg, saeg, which became as we know them in Modern English the words: may, way, say; and the O.E. word daeg which became the Modern English word day. Other examples of similar changes include the O. E. words: graeg, heg (hieg) and lecg, which became the Modern English words: gray, hay and lay. The technical problem with the O.E. explanation of the headright's name of "Deg" is this spelling should have evolved from "daeg" or "deg" into "dai" in Middle English ca 1200 AD, and not jumped from "deg" to "day" in the 1700s bypassing the M.E. form of "dai".

June 10, 1706 Virginia Patent book 9 pages 740-742. Benjamin Harrison, Junr., Gent. received 4,583 acres as a land patent for headrights, in Prince George Co., Va. on both sides of Nottoway River for transportation of 92 persons into this colony whose names are recorded under this patent. Forty seven names are listed and include: 1-David Kerne, 2-James Loope, 3-L?a/o?s Farne, 4-Margt. Hand, 5-Margt. Morris, 6-Teague Kelly, 7-Margt. Mullins, 8-Jno. McLanna, 9-Roger Deg, 10-Sarah Carty, 11-Saml. Short, 12-Geo. Newton, 13-Hugh Macdannell, 14-Owen Boyle, 15-Geo. Baskervyle, 16-Honour Wel?as, 17-Henry Hambrok, 18-Patrick Naster, 19-Tho. Lolly, 20-Wm. Liddon, 21-Tho. Corne, 22-Susannah Palmert, 23-John Gaines, 24-Anne Meack, 25-Wm. Kalleron, 26-Tho. Redish, 27-Norah Higgins, 28-Toby Kelly, 29-Patrick Statfoild, 30-Alice Mealey, 31-Edwd. Butler, 32-Ellinor Phillips, 33-Patrick Anminer?/Aminer, 34-Saml. Mitchell, 35-Wm. James, 36-Sampson Gayer, 37-Tho. Keale, 38-Lawrance Trea, 39-Teague King, 40-Michael Kelly, 41-Tho. Burke, 42-Ellinor Cannon, 43-Ellinor Helbert, 44-Ellinor Morris, 45-Edmd. Kennold, 46-Eliza. Pattin, 47-Jer. Grantham. A note under the names states "forty five rights more paid for to Mr. Auditor Byrd". The date of the actual transporting is not indicated and the port city of entry of these passengers is not listed. (Harrison had identified a specific tract of land he wanted which apparently by survey contained 4,583 acres and based on 50 acres per headright, he needed 92 headrights to obtain a patent. Harrison had only 47 headrights, so he paid the auditor William Byrd and "purchased" 45 more headrights as treasury rights (instead of importing 45 more persons) in order to qualify for the full tract of land. All headrights Harrison transported were listed. The identity of headright #9 Roger "Deg" can questioned, based on transcription error, poor pensmanship or an Old English form of the surname, that this name might be "Day"? This appears possible, but not conclusively proven. Attempts to locate these headrights in England prior to their departure and in Virginia after their arrival have not been made. Roger Deg & Henry Hambrok and Roger Day & Patrick Hambrick need to be located in English or Virginia records before conclusions can be made. Until additional research on these headrights provides additional evidence, our final conclusions are "unknown". It is tempting to jump to conclusions about the names on this document, but we don't want the zebra to appear with antlers!)

Did the surname "Hambrok" evolve into the Northern Neck surname "Hambrick"? This may have occurred due to a pronunciation shift of vowels from "o" to "i", but the Great Vowel Shift had already occurred ca 1400 AD in England, much prior to the 1706 list. But, to illustrate the similar sounds in each name, when the surname of "Hambrick" (RE: surname of Patrick Hambrick from the Northern Neck of Va.) is coded by using the Soundex system, the result is H-516 and when the surname of "Hambrok" (RE: surname of headright #17 transported in 1706, from the Va. patent book) is coded by using the Soundex system, the result is also H-516. Because the Soundex code for each of these two names is identical, the pronunciation of each of these names may have resulted in a phonetically similar sound to the ears of the recordkeepers who prepared the Northern Neck records which we are now atttempting to interpret. The possibility exists, but the present conclusion is "unknown".

English surnames are derived from single, simple nouns or from compound nouns creating two elements of a surname. Surnames derived from compounded Old English words have a first element which can be a noun, adjective or particle, but the second element is always a noun. The surname "Hambrick" separates best into the first element of "ham" and the second element of "brick", as usable OE noun-forms of "hamb" and "rick" were not found. Old English contains several possible sources of the first element: (1) ham (with a long vowel) meaning home, homestead, village, country, manor or farmstead; (2) ham (with a short vowel) meaning a meadow, especially a flat low-lying meadow on a stream; or an enclosure; and (3) han (with long vowel) meaning rock or stone. The second element of the name has several possible sources: (1) broc and brok (with long vowel) meaning brook or stream; ( In O.E. the consonant "c" represented two sounds with the back (or velar) consonant sounded as "k"), (2) broc (with short vowel) meaning affliction or misery; (3) byrig or byrg, meaning beside of; (4) brig or brik (from Welsh) meaning top or summit, and (5) brycg meaning bridge. For example, the name form of "ham-brycg" would identify a family who had a home by the bridge. Based on current research, the most likely possibility is that the Modern English "Hambrick" surname derives from the Old English name form of "ham-brok" which would identify a family who had a home near a brook, or resided in a place named "ham-brok". The possiblity of the Hambrick surname being of Gaelic origin has not been researched because that does not appear necessary at this time unless the English possibility is ruled out based on research in the English records. The scope of this article prohibits additional comments on etymologies. Oxford University Press has many publications which might expand or clarify the above comments.

"Hambrook" is a place name in Gloucestershire, England. The name of "Hambroke" appears on English Subsidy Rolls dated 1327. The name "Hanbroc" appears on the Domesday Book of 1086. (RE: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names by Eilert Ekwall, Oxford, 1991, fourth edition). The 1981 edition of the AA Big Road Atlas of Britain (scale 4 miles to 1 inch) locates one Hambrook in west Sussex (between Portsmith & Chinchester); and a second Hambrook in Avon (formerly Gloucestershire, north of Bristol); and Hambridge in central Somerset (between Taunton & Yeovil).

Northumberland Co. was formed in 1648 in the Northern Neck of Virginia and was subsequently subdivided into other counties with boundaries based on the watercourses and drainage basins of the Rappahannock River and the Potomac River. The dividing line was the curving ridge between these two rivers that separated their drainage basins. In the parent area of Pr. Wm. Co., on the Rappahannock River side, the county formation proceeded: 1651-Lancaster Co., 1656-Rappahannock Co., 1692-Richmond Co., 1721-King George Co., which made up the western area for the 1731 formation of Pr. Wm. Co. On the Potomac River side, the county formation proceeded: 1653-Westmoreland, 1664-Stafford, which made the eastern or coastal area for the 1731 formation of Pr. Wm. Co. Two counties were formed from Pr. Wm. Co.: 1742-Fairfax Co. and 1759-Faquier Co.. with 1757-Loudon Co. being formed from Fairfax Co. The dividing ridge between the two drainage basins is generally a southeast to northwest running course on top of the ridge (extending from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains), with the ridge located approximately twenty miles southwest of Manassas, Va. The presence of Patrick Hambrick in the 1722-1740 King George Co. records locate his residence within the Rappahannock River watershed, while his 1740 grant in Pr. Wm. Co. indicates he moved to a location within the Potomac River watershed. Many of the early records of the Northern Neck counties are lost or missing, which makes even a seemingly insignificant reference to an individual potentially very important.

Lem Cox to Robert Ingles (Ingles-Inglesh-Inglish-Englesh-English), both planters of St. Mary's Parish of Richmond Co. Deed dated Oct. 20, 1709 Richmond Co. 5/157-159 Consideration: rent of 600 pounds of sweet tobacco on Oct. 10th and 5 shillings. Lem Cox by his lease dated Oct. 10, 1709 did grant unto Robert Ingles 100 acres in Stafford Co. adj. William Baumberry & Lewis Griffin, upon a lot of land formerly let by Lem Cox to William Brown. After decease of Sarah, wife of Robert Ingles then to the use of Margaret Ingles spinster daughter of the said Robert Ingles for her natural life, etc...Wit: Anne A. Downing & C:? Turbevile. Acknowledged by Lem Cox in court Nov. 2, 1709. (Lemuel Cox received a 1694 grant of 375 acres on Owmen Creek and a 1704 grant of 349 acres. The last will and testament of Lem Cox was dated Oct. 18, 1710 which gives this deed the appearance it was made in the context of estate planning to provide for an apparent daughter and grandaughter of Lem. How old would Margaret have been to be called a "spinster" in this 1709 deed? Spinster was terminology descriptive of an unmarried woman of marriagable age. Possibly as soon as 1710, but prior to 1726 in Richmond or King George Co., Lem's apparent grandaughter Margaret English apparently married Patrick Hamrick. Margaret's age should be a clue to Patrick's age since men generally don't marry women much older than themselves. If Margaret was at least 16 years old in 1709, or born prior to 1693, Patrick was probably born at least that early also. Patrick was exempted from paying taxes in 1755 and was described in 1761 as "antient and infirm" and died in 1764. If Patrick had been 70 to 80 years old at the time of his death, he may have been born as early as 1684/94. Based on a possible birthdate for Margaret of prior to 1693, and biological limitations, Margaret probably would not have had children born after 1740. Robert English named in this deed was b. prior 1682 (probably much earlier), with a second Robert English b. 1702, probably Margaret's brother.)

May 4, 1722 KGCCOB (King George Co. Court Order Book) p. 50 claims, propositions & grievances: Patrick Hambrick produced a certificate from under the hand of John Travis, subsherif of Stafford County for that the Sherif pressed a mare of his which he kept for ten days and the said Patrick made oath that he never received any satisfaction for the same, which is ordered to be certified to the next General Assembly for allowance. (Abstracts by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press) (All of the King George Co. records have not been researched).

Roger Day died ca 1723 and his widow Elizabeth married ca 1724/25 Henry McDonnac. The 1721-30 Stafford Co. Record book K page 169 Old General Index by Embrey at the Virginia State Archives lists the will of Rogers Day which no longer exists.

Aug. 2, 1723 KGCCOB p. 133 In the suit brought by Mongo Roy against Elizabeth Day for three hundred pounds of tobacco due by bill, the defendant being called and not appearing nor any security returned. Judgement is therefore granted to the plaintiff for the sum of three hundred pounds of tobacco and also against John Dinwiddie, Gent. late sherif of this county unless the defendant appear at the next court and answer the said accon (action). (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Dec. 7, 1723 KGCCOB p. 147 The suit brought by Mongo Roy against Elizabeth Day for three hundred pounds of tobacco due by bill, the defendant being returned arrested and failing to appear at the last court. It was considered by the court that the plaintiff should recover and have against the defendant and John Dinwiddie Gent., late sheriff of this County, the sum of three hundred pounds of tobacca with costs unless the defendant should appear and answer at the next court and ordered that ye defendant & John Dinwiddie, Sheriff as aforesaid, pay unto ye plaintiff ye sum of three hundred pounds of tobacco with costs. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio).

Thomas Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia to Roger Day of Stafford Co., Va. Grant dated Jan. 7, 1724. Northern Neck Grants A/100a-100b. "in consideration of the composition for our use paid unto our agent", plus yearly on the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel the fee rent of one shilling sterling money for every fifty acres. 760 acres in Stafford Co. on the North side of Occaquan River called Broad Run, adj. Edward Grayham. "This deed was returned to me by my collector Mr. James Carter. Roger Day died without paying the composition so I cancelled the deed and granted the lands to Henry McDonnac who intermarried with the said Day's widow by deed dated the 17th day of August 1725. See folio 158." (This land was within the Potomac River watershed)

Nov. 30, 1724 - Mar. 18, 1724/5 survey (NN loose papers) for George Eves of Northumberland Co., 477 acres in Stafford Co. on Winter's Branch adj. John Adams Junr. or Roger Day & Jno. Savage. Surveyor: John Savage. (Abstracts of Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys by Peggy S. Joyner)

Oct. 8,- 24, 1724 survey (NN loose papers) for John Savage of King George Co. 1,045 acres in Stafford Co. on north side of Broad Run of Winter's branch adj. John Adams (now Roger Day's). Surveyor: Jno. Savage, surveyed for himself. (Abstracts by P. S. Joyner)

Feb. 5, 1724/5 KGCCOB p. 233 John Farguson, Henry Gallop, Richard Elkins and Patrick Hamrick or any three of them are appointed some time between this and the next court to appraise in money the estate of Patrick Maggee deceased, that shall be presented to their view and make report thereof. Joseph Strother, Gent. or any other Justice of the Peace for this County is requested to administer an oath to the sd. appraisers for their performance thereof.(Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

William Bridges, deceased. Aug. 7, 1724 King George Co. court order book p. 201, Ann Bridges presented information to wit the last will and testament of William Bridges, deceased and made oath which was proved by oaths of Francis Payne, John Payne, & Robert English. p. 201 James Kay, Henry Gallop, Richard Elkins and John Ferguson or any three of them are appointed to appraise the estate of William Bridges, deceased and report to next court to Samuel Skinker or any other Justice of the Peace, etc. p. 207 court Sept. 5, 1724 Ann Bridges returned an inventory, etc. (The index for will book A-1 lists the will of William Bridges on p. 19, however pages 15 through 22 are missing from the record book) (Robert English/Inglesh, James Kay/Key, Henry Gallop, and John Ferguson/Farguson/ffarguson all owned land adj. each other and adj. Lemuel Cox and Patrick Hamrick and Samuel Skinker purchased land from Patrick Hamrick. The references in this Bridges inventory to these men associated with the Hamrick family indicates the Bridges and Hamricks probably were associated or at least lived near and knew each other by this 1724 date. A land record for this William Bridges has not been located. Additional research is needed in the King George and Richmond Co. land records to analyze these associated families. The relationships between the three William Bridges: d. 1724 King George Co. ; d. 1723 Westmoreland Co.; and d. 1744 Pr. Wm. Co. are not proven.)

William Bridges, deceased, King George Co. inventory of estate was taken Aug. 14, 1724 by Jno. Farguson, Richd. Elkins & Henry Gallop after being sworn by Saml. Skinker, Gent. one of his Majesties Justices for the county, under court order dated Aug. 7, 1724 ....omit details...valued at £ 45.12.4 returned to court on Saturday, Sept. 5, 1724 by Ann Bridges.

Proprietor of the Northern Neck to William Bridges of Westmoreland Co. Va. Grant dated Dec. 16, 1690. Northern Neck Grants 1/25-27. 700 acres in Westmoreland Co. where said Bridges now lives, formerly belonging to John & Samuel Vaughn who dyed without heirs. Nicholas Spencer paid £ 30 sterling composition to Lord Thomas Culpepper (proprietor) .........handwriting is difficult to read....unaon-mous actons of William Bridges & Elizabeth his wife. Also mentioned is John Quigley and his wife Ellinor. Acknowledgement in court this said Nicholas Spenser Esqr. became bound in a small obligation to confirm the said Bridges 700 acres being part of ?hundred and three acres and eschaoted by the said Spenser on behalf of his son John Spenser as above 200 acres .....etc....the other 500 acres being part of a patent dated Sept. 4, 1661, the old patent of record, and the 200 acres beginning ...etc...(omit description). Signed: Phill. Ludwell. (Nicholas Spencer was a land agent. This patent is the issuance of a 200 acre tract and a reissuance of a 500 acre tract which lapsed to the Proprietors.)

William Bridges, deceased, Westmoreland Co. book 1 p. 26 inventory of his estate was taken Jan. 29, 1723 by Willm. Bridges, Danl. F?iold, William Smith & Fras. Smith under court order dated April 24, 1723...omit details...Valued at £ 100.?.? returned to court Jan. 29, 1723 by Wm. Bridges. Recorded Febry. 12, 1723.

William Bridges, planter, of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. to Mathew Bean of same. Deed dated March 25, 1723 5/170-176. lease 5 shillings, release £ , 195 acres on Pope's Creek in Westmoreland Co. adj. Col. Thomas Lee. Land devised unto sd William Bridges by inheritance and by patent. 1661 grant to John Vaughn. ...etc. omit details...falling into Rapahannoke. (See related deeds in 1734 and 1740.)

Mary Raw of King George Co. to son Abraham Raw. Deed of gift dated Jan. 21, 1725. King George Co. 1/330. Consideration: Love, give to my son, a young mare, box, gun, iron pot, heifer, etc. Wit: Joseph Berry & Patrick Hamrick. Recorded Feb. 4, 1725. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio) (Can Raw be the same name as Roe? or Wroe?)

Apr. 6, 1725 KGCCOB p. 247 The suit brought by Samuel Skinker against Robert English is ordered to be dismist. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Henry McDonnac/McDonnae of Overworton Parish, Stafford Co., Tayler to Elizabeth Day, only daughter of Roger Day late of said Parish & County, Carpenter, deceased. Deed dated Aug. 9 & 10, 1727 Stafford Co. deed book J p. 456-459. Whereas the said Roger Day made an entry in the office of the Proprietor of the Northern Neck in Virginia for 760 acres of land on the broad run of Occoquan in County aforesaid but afterwards died before a patent was made out of the said office for the same leaving an only daughter the said Elizabeth Day. Henry McDonnac after the decease of the said Roger made application to the Honble Robert Carter Esqr. the said Proprietor's attorney to have the land granted to him upon his paying the composition and other office fees which was granted to said Henry by patent dated Aug. 17, 1725 upon condition that Henry should before Court to be held for Stafford Co. in August 1727 by good deeds to be acknowledged & recorded make over & confirm to Elizabeth Day all that tract between Winters lower second branch on the north side of the lower run of Occoquan beginning ... east side of said lower branch being a corner to a maple to land of Edward a stooping white oak..against the mouth of a watry course on north side of the said branch marked ED.. to white oak on Winters lower branch..thence finally up the said branch being the bounds of the grand patent to the first beginning. Signed: Henry McDonnae/McDonnac. Witness: Geo. Smith, Jno. Mercer. At Stafford Co. court Aug. 10, 1727 Henry McDonnae acknowledged this deed, admitted to record. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio) (This land was referenced in Pr. Wm. Co. deeds A/37-43 by a statement on July 2, 1731 by Henry McDonnak, and in another deed at R/245-247 on Sept. 6, 1770 when Patrick Hamrick , son of Patrick Hamrick, sold 130 acres as part of "260 acres which was conveyed to Elizabeth Day by Henry McDonack and afterwards fell to Patrick Hamrick". Patrick Hamrick, Senr. claimed Elizabeth's 260 acres as an heir of Roger Day in 1739 and sold it in 1752/53.)

Patrick Hamrick & wife Margaret, of King George Co., Va.; and Robert Inglish (Ingles/Inglesh/English) & wife Sarah of Stafford Co. to Samuel Skinker, merchant of King George Co. Deed dated Dec. 17, 1726. Recorded in King George Co. 1/410-413. lease 5 shillings, release 3,500 pounds of tobacco for 100 acres in Stafford Co. This land was acquired by indenture dated Oct. 20, 1709 from Lem Cox to Robert Inglesh, lying betweeen the land of Simmons & ye Gleabe land & Wm. Bumberry. Witness: Paul Micou Junr., Jno. Long, John Arc?hard. Acknowledged by grantor in court Jan. 6, 1726. Patrick Hamrick & Robert Ingles bond for £ 500 Sterling to Samuel Skinker. ( COB p. 347). (Margaret Hamrick apparently was the daughter of Robert Inglish/English and Sarah referred to in the 1709 deed from Lemuel Cox. Samuel Skinker, by his 1752 will left this land to his son William Skinker.)

Joseph Strother & Jno. ffarguson, both vestreymen in Hanover Parish, King George Co., to Samuel Skinker, merchant. Deed dated Aug. 31, 1727. King George Co. 1/451-452. Consideration: 2200 pounds tobacco. Whereas Lem Cox dec'd. in his lifetime was seized of 92 acres in his demense as of 100 lying in the North side of the Parish of St. Mary's in Richmond Co., but now in ye Parish of Hanover in King George Co. The sd Lem Cox made his last will & testament dated Oct. 18, 1710. In case Joseph Downing should die without issue, after decease of his mother Ann, I give all my lands in north side of St. Mary's Parish in Richmond Co. to buy ornaments & utinsils for the two churches & remainder to minister & vertryment. Executors were Benjamin Desoreth & George Downing. Whereas Joseph Downing & his mother have died without issue & land is to be sold, 92 acres known by the name of the Glebe land, bounded on the west by John Owens, on the North by Wm. Bunbury, on the east with Patrick Hamrick, on the south by Kay's patent. Signed: Joseph Strother & John Farguson. Wit: Benjamin Hensley Junr. & John x Burn (Bourn). Recorded Sept. 1, 1727. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

May 10, 1731 Stafford Co. will book M/38-39. An inventory of part of the goods & chattels of Roger Day dece'd. was taken by William Mason out of the hands of Henry McDonnack in behalf of Roger Day's orphans......items listed and valued. Signed: William Kendall, Henry Harding, William Whitson. The within appraisers sworn before me: Peter Hedgman. Recorded June 9, 1731 Court. (Will Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Henry McDonnal/McDonnak, planter of Stafford Co. to John Champe, Gent. of King George Co. Deed dated July 2,, 1731. lease & release, Recorded Pr. Wm. Co. A/37-43 £ 20 for 500 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. on north side of main run of Occaquan River called Broad Run, adj. survey of Edward Grayham. It was part of a 760 grant from the Proprietors to Henry McDonnac dated Aug. 17, 1725 of which the upper part of 260 acres was sold by Henry to Elizabeth Day, daughter of Roger Day. Wit: M. Battaley, Thos. Vivion, Robt. Richards, John Smith, J. Mercer & Jno. Ford. Recorded July ?3, 1731. Catesby Cocke, by power of attorney from Elizabeth wife of Henry McDonnac, relinquished her right of dower. (Abstract by J.W. Johnson) (Attempts have not been made to trace the McDonnack/Macdonnak family, but Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio of the Richmond Co. deeds list Teage Macdonak as a witness in 1694.)

Elizabeth McDonnal/McDonnak, wife of Henry McDonnal/McDonnak of Stafford Co. Power of attorney dated July 21, 1731. Recorded Pr. Wm. Co. A/44-49 appoint Catesby Cocke, Gent.of Pr. Wm. Co. my lawful attorney to relinquish my right of dower thirds in 500 acres on north side of main run of Occaquan River called Broad Run in Pr. Wm. Co. Wit: (same as A/37-43) Recorded July 21, 1731. (Abstract by J. W. Johnson). (This is not the usual method for the wife to relinquish her dower. Usually an attorney is not used, but the justices will make a private examination, a questioning of the wife apart from her husband. A question is whether Elizabeth was still living with her husband Henry?)

John Champe, Gent. of Hanover Parish, King George Isaac Farguson, planter and his wife Elizabeth, of Hamilton Parish of Pr. Wm. Co., for their lives, deed/lease dated April 22, 1734. Pr. Wm. Co. B/392-393 £ __ 100 acres Champe purchased from Henry McDonnel/k adj. Edward Graham, in a place called Bares Spring. Wit: Thomas Osborne, John Diskin, John Canterbury. Proven Feb. 20, 1734 (Abstract by J.W. Johnson).

William Bridges, planter to Augustine Washington, Gent., both of Washington parish, Westmoreland Co. Deed of lease dated July 29, 1734 5 shillings. Deed of Release dated July 30 8/244-248. Consideration: 11,000 pounds of tobacco. 305 acres in Westmoreland Co. being part of 500 acres formerly granted to John Vaughn, decd. by patent Sept. 4, 1661. Vaughn d. without heirs, so vested by escheat to proprietors of the Northern Neck, Alexander & Catherine Culpepper conveyed the same unto William Bridges deceased father of the said William Bridges party to these presents by deed Dec. 16, 1690. 195 acres of which said 500 acres was formerly sold by the said William Bridges party to these presents to one Matthew Bean... etc..omit details. Signed: Willm. Bridges. Wit: Thos Chilton, Edw. Barradall. William Bridges acknowledged this deed in court July 30, 1734.

Samuel Skinker of Hanover Parish, King George Co. to Patrick Hamerick & wife Margaret of Brunswick Parish, King George Co. Deed dated Aug. 2, 1734. 1-A/304-305 rent: 554 pounds of tobacco for first 2 years, and 692 pounds in third year, and 800 pounds after that, in one hogshead conveyed on Rappahannock River, for lease during lifetime of Patrick Hamrick & wife Margaret to farm land where he now lives in King George Co. adj. John Popham & Benjamin Stribling. Witness: Jos. Strother & Saml. Hearne. Recorded Aug. 2, 1734.

Elizabeth Day to her daughter Sarah Day. Deed of gift dated April 4, 1735. King George Co. 1-A/335 gives cow, calf, feather bed, furniture, fifteen pounds of ?now powter? at her wedding day. Signed: Elizabeth (her"E"mark) Day. Wit: George Bush. Elizabeth Day acknowledged in court on same date. (If this is Roger Day's widow and daughter, the widow should now be known as Elizabeth McDonnac, if she was still married to Henry McDonnac at this date.)

ca 1738 (or earlier) birthdate of Jeremiah Hamrick. His oldest son David was b. in Pr. Wm. Co. ca 1758/62. Jeremiah was in Granville Co., N. C. as a witness to deeds in 1761 and 1762, was listed on the 1762 Granville Co. tax list, and had a survey in Rutherford Co., N.C. on Feb. 17, 1780 adj. Joseph Camp. Jeremiah Hambrick was listed on the 1782 Rutherford Co. tax list with 1140 acres of land and was listed in the 1790 & 1800 Rutherford Co. census.

1738 Pr. Wm. Co. rent roll: (accession no. 21179, at Virginia Archives, from the Huntington Library) : Major John Champ, Richard Cruppner, William Foster, Thomas Whitledge.

Northern Neck Grants, (loose papers, Virginia Archives, index card #6073) Survey warrant dated Jan. 10, 1739 for Patrick Hamrick, order for a survey to be made by James Thomas, whereas Patrick Hamrick of King George Co. has entered about one hundred acres of waste and ungranted lands in the county of Prince William between the lines of Thomas Eaves, Wm. Davis, Richd Melton and Edwd Grayham & land formerly Roger Day's now claimed by sd Hamrick as his heir, and desiring to have a survey thereof in order for obtaining a grant.

March 7, 1739 King George County, Va. Deed Book 2, p. 300, Quoted: "At a Court held for King George County the 7th day of March, 1739. The depositions of Robert English, Thomas Hart & Edward Graham were presented into court by John Mercer Gen't. attorney for Patrick Hamrick & on his motion were admitted to record, Cop'a. Test. by T. Turner, CCur. First deposition: King George Co., Robert English aged about thirty seven years saith that he was well acquainted with Rodger Day & that he often heard him acknowledge Patrick Hamrick to be his cousen & shipmate and further saith that Rodger Day once told him if Patrick Hamrick would go up where he lived he would give him land for his lifetime and assist him in building he having no other relations in this country and further saith. Signed: Robert (his "RE" mark) English. Sworn to before me this 3d. day of Sept. 1739, John Champe. Second deposition: Prince William County, Thomas Hart aged about fifty years saith that he was well acquainted with Roger Day & that he often heard him say & acknowledge Patrick Hamrick to be his cousin & further saith that Roger Day often told him that they were brother & sisters children. Signed: Thomas (his"TH"mark) Hart. Sworn to before me this 5 Septem'r. 1739. Third deposition: Edward Graham of Prince William County aged about sixty years being first sworn saith that he well knew Roger Day & that he many times heard the afores'd. Day say that Patrick Hamrick & he was brother and sisters children & always acknowledged Hamrick to be his cousen and further saith not. Signed: Edward (his"E"mark) Graham. Sworn before me John Champe 3d. January 1739." (This Robert English was b. 1702, and was probably a son of the older Robert English b. prior 1688 who appeared in the Lemuel Cox deed in 1709, thus making this Robert a probable brother to Margaret. The will of Thomas Hart was proven in Pr. Wm. Co. June 6, 1763 by James Bridges).

Patrick Hamrick had a apparent claim for land which dated from at least as early as 1723, based on a verbal promise made to him by his first cousin Roger Day. The promise would not necessarily be a legally enforceable claim, against the estate of Roger Day, unless there was a provision for Patrick in Roger's will, which is now lost. The land distribution of a deceased would not normally have included a first cousin when there was a surviving widow and at least one surviving daughter. The three depositions don't mention a claim based on a provision in a will. There have been no records found to show Patrick pursued a claim based on the verbal promise for at least sixteen years, until 1739 when the depositions were filed. The land referenced in the survey warrant as land formerly Roger Day's now claimed in 1739 by sd Hamrick as his heir, was not actually land still owned by Roger's estate in 1739. After Roger died ca 1723 without paying the composition, or purchase price, the land was granted in 1725 to McDonnac, and McDonnac in 1727 deeded 260 acres to his stepdaughter Elizabeth Day, daughter of Roger. The land eventually obtained and sold by Patrick was owned by Elizabeth. The depositions do not create the appearance of a lawsuit between Patrick and Elizabeth over the land. The question is whether Patrick acquired ownership through his long dormant claim based exclusively on the verbal promise or through a marriage to Roger's daughter Elizabeth, or marriage to Roger's widow Elizabeth or became a legal heir of the daughter Elizabeth due to the deaths of both women named Elizabeth without either woman having any heirs other than Patrick? Even though Patrick's claim was successful, the surviving evidence is inconclusive; therefore final conclusions concerning these events are presently "unknown". Patrick also paid for and received a grant of 118 acres of vacant land adj. the Day tract.

Northern Neck Grants (loose papers, Virginia Archives). Survey was made for Patrick Hamrick, of King George Co., April 28, 1740 for 118 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. with detailed description: nigh the Head of Winter's Middle Branch, near the fork of Winter's lower branch, and Crouper's Cabbin Branch, near a Branch of Buck Hall, crossing a road, adj. William Davis & Richard Melton & "a white oak corner to sd Melton, Edward Graham and Roger Day, thence along the said Day's lines now claimed by the said Hamrick", and adj. George Eaves, with chain carriers: Charles Graham & James Graham. The survey is also recorded at E/221.

Thomas Lord Fairfax, Proprietor to Patrick Hamrick of King George Co. Northern Neck Grant dated Dec. 10, 1740. Book E p. 224. In consideration of the composition for my use paid, and annual rent due the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel of one Shilling Sterling money for every fifty acres land. Grants 118 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. ..same description as in survey.... (Patrick Sr. sold this this 118 acre tract to his son Robert prior to 1752. Robert d. in 1757 with a widow Elizabeth. This land was sold in 1770 by Samuel Hamrick & wife Mary and Elizabeth Hamrick when Samuel moved to North Carolina.)

The location of Patrick Hamrick's land is south-west of and near, or possibly inside, the present city limits of Manassas, Va. within the Potomac River watershed. William Davis received a 376 acre NN grant in Stafford Co. dated Feb. 16, 1725 on Occaquan & Cropper's Cabbin Branch, and another of 195 acres dated Oct. 6, 1726. Richard Melton received a 454 acre NN grant dated Aug. 20, 1725 adj. Edward Grayham and mentioning Buck Hall Branch of Occaquan, Winters lower branch and Croupers Cabbin Branch A/165. A grant to "Winter" was not found, but a grant was made Feb. 12, 1714/15 to James Withers for 1300 acres on Licking Run Branch of Broad Run of Occaquan River, which may be in the same area.. Edward Grayham received an 847 acre NN grant dated Oct. 20, 1724 in Stafford Co. A/97 on the same watercourses as Roger Day on Broad Run of Occaquan which also mentioned Croopers Cabbin Branch, Winter's Branch and Piney Branch. George Eves received a 477 acre NN grant in Stafford Co. dated May 6, 1725 adj. Roger Day on Winter's Branches. George Reeves received a 370 acre grant Oct. 7, 1726 on Cooper's Cabbin Branch adj. Edward Grayham & Richard Melton B/8. Richard Croper sold to Thomas Osborn by deed dated Oct 17, 1732 A/381-386 100 acres on Neapsco Creek, land belonged to his father purchased from Robert Leetherland. A deed dated June 2, 1734 B/297-301 was Stephen Clayton to John Gregg for 105 acres on Neapsco Creek between land of Richard Crooper and Abraham Farrow which was patented to Stephen Clayton Sept. 7, 1731. Major John Champe received a grant July 19, 1743 F/113 of 1229 acres, including 184 acres which had been granted in 1724 to John Savage, on Winters Branch adj. Roger Day. A land record was not found for Thomas Hart b. ca 1679, but one Thomas Hart appears in the Richmond Co. court orders in 1693 & 1694 and as witness to a deed in 1715. Thomas Hart Jr. appears in the Vestry bond book in 1753, and James Bridges was witness to the will of Thomas Hart in 1763. There is an index to the Northern Neck land grants and surveys in the Virginia Archives. Abstracts of the Virginia - Northern Neck Land Grants 1694-1775 appears in two volumes by G. E. Gray.

The book Prince William by the WPA indicates on p. 117, to be found on State Road # 234, northwestward from Dumfries at 16.7 miles is Clover Hill (L.). In 1740 Patrick Hamrick patented 118 of land here, and owned an adj. tract. The land was purchased in 1770 from Patrick Hambrick by Rutt Johnson.

1740? survey (NN loose papers) for William Davies 663 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. exclusive of 112 acres surveyed for Patrick Hamrick within ye old bounds of ye sd. William Davies; on Crupper's cabbin branch, a branch of Buckhall, Howsine, Hooe & Rushie? branch. Surveyor: Thomas Davies, not dated but granted in NN grant book E/247 May 11, 1740. (Abstracts by P.S. Joyner)

Pr. Wm. Co. will book C, page 316-317 Inventory ordered May 25, 1741 of Richard Simes, dec'd. was prepared and signed by Thos. Hart, Thos. Hogan & Patrick Hamrick, and presented in court July 27, 1741. Signed by Mary (M) Simes and valued at £ 27.18.10. Page 361, the remaining part of the estate was reported £ 3.11.6, dated Jan. 19, 1741 and reported & signed by Patrick Hamrick & Thos. Hogan June 28, 1741. Page 364-365, the estate account of David Dodson, dec'd. dated Sept. 20, 1741 reported £ 0.5.0 was paid to the estate by Patrick Hamrick junr. (Abstracts by J.F. Dorman)

1741 Pr. Wm. Co. poll for election of Burgess (deed book E pages 524a-524f) p. 524c Patrick Hamrick.

Oct. 5, 1742 - Feb. 18, 1742/3 survey (Northern Neck loose papers) for Majr. John Champe, assignee of Isaac Ferguson, for whom surveyed. 1,229 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. on Winters branch between Bull & Broad Runs. 184 acres surplus in a tract Majr. John Champ of King George Co. bought of Mr. Savage of Stafford Co.; adj. Roger Day. Chain Carriers: Pat'k. Hambrick Junr. & John Shirley. Surveyor: Thomas Davies. (Abstracts by P. S. Joyner)

William Bridges, planter to Daniel McCarty, both of Washington parish, Westmoreland Co. Deed of lease dated May 15, 1740 5 shillings, Deed of Release May 16, 1740 £ 200 Va. money. 9/82-84. all that tract whereon William Bridges lately dwelt, 200 acres on Popes Creek adj. John Bushrod, Hugh French & sd. Daniel McCarty. Signed: William Bridges. Wit: Lawrence Butler, Nicholas Smith, James Carter, Joseph Butler. Release: to sd McCarty, in his actual possession, land whereon sd Bridges lately dwelt, etc......omit details...William Bridges is indebted to Daniel McCarty, Gentl. for £ 400 for performance bond---condition of obligation is to fulfill lease of May 15th. ...William Bridges acknowledged in court June 24, 1740. (Although this William Bridges moved somewhere just prior to selling this land, there is no evidence to prove he is the same William Bridges who d. in Pr. Wm. Co. in 1744, approximately sixty miles from this land on Popes Creek.)

William Bridges will dated Dec. 31, 1743, Prince William County, Virginia. Will Book C, p. 470-471 leaves to my son William Bridges two third parts of my estate; to my daughter Mary Bridges one third part of my estate. "appoint my beloved friend William Roe and Charles Kil executors of this my last will and testament and that they may keep my children and their estates under their jurisdiction until the experation of four years from the date hereof". Signed: William (his " "mark) Bridges. Witness: Andrew Savage (his "x"mark), Rose (her "X"mark) Veale & John Lloyd. This will was presented in court by William Roe and was proven Apr. 23, 1744 by oaths of Andrew Savage & John Lloyd who also made oath they saw Rose Veale subscribe her name. (This is the only reference of any kind which has been found for this man in Pr. Wm. Co. The four year provision in the will may indicate the named son William was the eldest and was four years from becoming of age, or born ca 1726. The 1781 will of Thomas Bridges in South Carolina stated the mother of Thomas was alive and old, but because it is not conclusively proven Thomas was the son of this William d. 1743/44, it also is not conclusive the widow of this William was alive in 1781.)

William Bridges, deceased. Pr. Wm. Co. Will Book C p. 472-473 executor's bond dated April 23, 1744 of Wm. Wroe, executor of William Bridges, deceased with Wm. Wroe, John Grant & Richard Foote securities bound for £ 250 sterling, to Robert Jones, the first Justice of the peace for Pr. Wm. Co. The condition of the bond is Wm. Wroe is the executor of the last will of William Bridges, deceased and is to make an inventory of the property and return it to court, and pay and deliver all legacys contained and specified in the will. April 23, 1744 court, William Roe, John Grant & Richard Foote acknowledged this bond to be their act.

John Bridges, deceased, Westmoreland Co. 2/4 & 4a. inventory was taken by Thos Boggs, Peter Lamkin & Bardlay Garner under court order dated June 24, 1746. .. omit details... valued at £ 82.16.0 returned to court Aug., 26, 1746 by ?Peter R?ust, one of the executors, valued at £ 82.16.0. (Although this article includes several references dated after 1768 to BRIDGES of Westmoreland Co. and Spotsylvania Co., there is no proven connection of the Rutherford Co. BRIDGES with either of these two groups.)

The 1739-1746 lists of tithables for Pr. Wm. Co. are missing or lost. Neither William Bridges or Patrick Hamrick appeared on the 1737 or 1738 lists. Patrick Hamrick apparently moved from King George Co. to Pr. Wm. Co. ca 1739/40. William Bridges apparently arrived in Pr. Wm. Co. ca 1739/43, but no land record has been found. Some of the early Pr. Wm. Co. deed books are missing.

1747 Pr. Wm. Co. list of tithables (accession no. 22743) containing four pages. Five entries, originally recorded in sequence, one under the other: Patrick Hamrick Senr. (head) and Benja. Hamrick total of 2; Patrick Hamrick Junr.-1; Robert Hamrick-1; James Hamrick-1; James Bridges (head) and Isaac Reves total of 2. At the end of the list is a list of tithables taken by Thos. Stribling which includes only one listing: Mr. John Graham at Cedar Run (head), Benja. Bridges and negroes Bob, George, Silvester, Solomon, Jane & Sarah for a total of 7. (Cedar Run flows into Broad Run of Occoquan south of Manassas. A land purchase in Pr. Wm. Co. for these Bridges has not been located).

Nov. 1747 Dettingin Parrish, Pr. Wm. Co. 1041 tithables at 32 pounds of tobacco per poll. ("Records of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, Virginia 1745-1802" by Historic Dumfries, Inc. - 1976)

1748-52 Spotsylvania Co. Will book A p.__ Feb. 7, 1748 Administrator's bond of Alexander Davidson, deceased with Sarah Davidson as admx. with securities Wm. Ellis & John Gordon bound for £ 150. p. 72 Will book B p.__, Oct. 3, 1752 Guardian' bond of William Ellis, guardian to Alexander Davidson, orphan of Alexander Davidson, with securities Thomas Blossingham & Wm. Lewis bound for £ 200. (Abstracts by Crozier)

ca 1741/51 reconstruction of a "lost" Pr. Wm. Co. deed: Patrick Hamrick Senr. to his son Robert Hamrick, 118 acres which was a Northern Neck grant from the Proprietor's Office dated Dec. 10, 1740 to Patrick Hamrick Senr. (The existence of this deed is indicated because this land was taxed to Robert in 1752/53/54, 1760/61 and to Eliza. Hamrick in 1767, and was sold by Samuel & wife Mary Hamrick and Elizabeth Hamrick in 1770.)

ca 1747/49 birthdate of Samuel Hamrick, apparent son of Robert Hamrick & Elizabeth. Samuel Hamrick & wife Mary and Elizabeth Hamrick (probably Robert's widow) sold Robert Hamrick's 118 acres in 1770 when Samuel moved to North Carolina. Samuel purchased land in Granville Co. on Dec. 12, 1770 adj. James Bridges, was listed in 1771 with two taxables, was listed on a 1777 Caswell Co. tax list beside Enoch Hamrick, then moved to Rutherford Co. where he was listed on the 1782 tax list with 180 acres (next to Enoch Hambrick & William Bridges). He was listed as a landowner adj. Enoch Hamrick in 1785, and in 1789 purchased land adj. Benjamin Bridges and William Bridges as witnessed by James Bridges. Samuel was listed in the 1830 census aged 80 to 90. Based on the 1770 date Samuel sold Robert's land and the approximate birthdate of Samuel's apparent oldest child b. 1770/71 in Va., Samuel was probably born not much prior to 1749. Based on the 1790-1880 Rutherford & Cleveland Co. census records, Samuel appears to have established the largest Hamrick family in that area.

1748 Pr. Wm. Co. deed book I p. 215 George Byrn's list of surveys from 1748 returned to County Clerk's Office from May 16 to June 1749: July 1, 1748 then ran a division for Lewis Reno Junr. and Benjamin Bridges of Pr. Wm. Co. on the branches of Cedar Run. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Dettingen Parrish, Pr. Wm. Co. Indentures: Soloman Jones, son of Henry Jones, born June 10, 1749, bound until age 21 to Benjamin Bridges. To be taught to read and write. Witnesss: James Muis. April 22, 1751, p.8.

George Reeve of Pr. Wm. Co. to his sons: Benjamin, John, Moses & Asa Reeve, of Pr. Wm. Co. Deed dated Oct. 18, 1751 M/191-4 for natural love, land in Pr. Wm. Co. on Bull Run. Wit: James Bridges, Abraham Raw, Benjamin Hamrick. Acknowledged Oct. 28, 1751 by George Reeve. (Virginia County Records, Prince William Co., Deeds 1749-52 by Ruth & Sam Sparacio)

1752 Pr. Wm. Co. rental roll (accession no. 20816) Benjamin Bridges-112 acres, Patrick Hamrick-260 acres, Robert Hamrick-118 acres, James Hamrick-0 acres. (Benjamin Bridges sold this land in 1768 which was apparently the portion inherited by Seybe Whitledge, as the will of Thomas Whitledge gave land to his two daughters Sybe and Elizabeth. Robert Hamrick's 118 acres was the grant made to Patrick Hamrick Sr.)

1752/53 reconstruction of a Pr. Wm. Co. "lost" deed: Patrick Hamrick, Senr. to his son James Hamrick 130 acres, half of Elizabeth Day tract which fell to Patrick Hamrick, Senr.

1752/53 reconstruction of a Pr. Wm. Co. "lost" deed: Patrick Hamrick, Senr. to his son Patrick Hamrick, Junr. 130 acres, half of Elizabeth Day tract which fell to Patrick Hamrick, Senr. (After sellling, or giving, the 260 acres to his sons, Patrick Hamrick Sr. apparently did not own land. Because Patrick Jr. was named as the executor in the will of Patrick Sr., it is probable Sr. lived with Jr. on this tract, an indication that the original homesite may have been on this tract.)

Several of the Pr. Wm. Co. Court Order Books (PWCCOB) survive (1752-57; 1759-63; 1766-71) and are available on microfilm at the Virginia Archives. Several of the COBs contain a partial index which this researcher has reviewed, but all pages have not been read for all references. Several versions of published abstracts of parts of these COBs exist.

May 28, 1752 PWCCOB p. 4 Samuel Jackson, plaintiff vs. John Randolph, defendant. Trespass. Jury: William Baylis, John Metcalf, John Buchanan, Richard Hazelrig, Thomas Faulkner, William Russaw, William Bridges, Francis Reno, Charles Chin, John Linn, John Bland. Guilty, damages £10 sterling. (Abstract by Ruth & Sam Sparacio)

June 24, 1752 PWCCOB p. 25 Richard Oswald, merchant vs. John Canterbury, Junr. Trespass. Jury: Benjamin Bridges, William Bridges, William Thorn, John Reno, Francis Reno, John Glascock, Joseph Davis, Peter Glascock, Benjamin Reves, John Jackson, John Sims & Daniel Bradford. Guilty, damages £5.6.7 & 1/2. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

July 28, 1752 PWCCOB p. 37 Alexander & John (?Daniel) Campbell vs. John Poe. In debt. On motion of Thomas Withers, Charles Wright, Thomas Bridges & James Garner, securities, they have leave to imparl. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

1753 Pr. Wm. Co. rental roll (accession no. 20817) Benj'n. Bridges-112 acres, Patrick Hamrick-130, Robert Hamrick-118, James Hamrick-130.

April 4, 1753 Fauquier Co. birthdate of Siars (or Siras or Cyrus) Hamrick who made on declaration on Nov. 2, 1833 , as an old & very infirm 80 year old man, in Hampshire Co., Va. as an application for a Revolutionary War Pension to obtain befefits of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. He enlisted in August, 1775 under Capt. Scott of Fauquier Co. and served 3 months, went to Culpepper C. H. then to Williamsburg to subdue Governor Dunmore, then to Hampton where he took part in the capture of a brigortender and her men and returned to Williamsburg for discharge. He enlisted again in Nov. under Capt. Chilton at Williamsburg and served four months from Dec. 1775-Mar. 1776, marched to Old James Town where he crossed James River and went down to Suffolk thence to the Great Bridge where he was engaged in the defeat of Fere?dice and the taking of the fort on the 8th day of Dec. 1775.. In Aug., 1776 served 3 months; & in March, 1781 he served 3 more months under Capt. Chunn of Faquier and was wounded by the British at Williamsburg and was discharged a few days before the time was out; he was an orderly Sergeant the whole time. Witnesses from Hampshire Co.: William Welch, clergyman & Thomas Dye. The examination of Siras Hamrick included the following questions: "Quest 1st: Where and in what year were you born? ans. "My father and mother said I was born April 4th 1753 in the County of Fauquier State of Virginia. 2nd Quest. Have you any record of your age and if so where is it? ans. In My Father's Bible, and in My Grand Father's Bible which I now have in my possession." He lived in Fauquier Co. until 1798 and since then and currently in Hampshire Co. Signed: "Siars" Hamrick. He was enrolled (as Siras) for a pension to commence March 4, 1831 at $ 48.33 annually, with arrears to make $ 169.15 through Mar. 4, 1834. A death date was not found. A final payment was not found, but the date of last payment was 4th quarter, 1835. (RE: Pension File S18009) (Benjamin Hamrick b. 1757 was also at the battle the Great Bridge) (The reference Siras made to the record of his birth may indicate only one Bible, which had belonged first to his grandfather and then his father. The grandfather would probably be Patrick Hamrick Senr., but the identity of his father is questioned. Patrick Jr. was executor of Patrick Sr. and Siras may have acquired the Bible through him. Can Siras/Siars/Cyrus be a son of Mary Sias Hamrick and namesake grandson of John Sias d. 1779? The Bible record is not included in the selected and non-selected documents in Siras' pension application. A search by this researcher at the National Archives revealed there were a few entire Bibles sent as proof of birth or marriage, but Siras' Bible is not among those now held by the National Archives. If the Bible still exists, it presumably would be found in the hands of a Hampshire Co. descendant of Siras.)

May 31, 1753 PWCCOB p. 132 John Hamrick, plaintiff vs. John Baylis, defendant. Assault & battery, noted "the suit is agreed".

June 25, 1753 PWCCOB p. 163 "Negroes. Truelove, a Negro girl belonging to Joesph Hamrick is adjudged to be ten years of age".

June 26, 1753 PWCCOB p. 166. Petition of Frances Day against John Rains argued and evidence heard with case dismissed & defendant to recover of the petitioner his costs, and John Rains to pay William Bridges for two days & Charles Morgan for one day for attending as evidence for him.

July 25, 1753 PWCCOB p. 200 Benjamin Bridges attended five days as evidence for Thomas Botts against William Whitledge, and said Thomas Botts to pay him. This case was Thomas & Elizabeth Botts, plaintiffs vs. William & Francis Whitledge, defendants for assult & batttery.

Sept. 25, 1753 PWCCOB p. 265 James Hamrick, plaintiff vs. James Fea, defendant. An attachment. On the plaintiff making oath to his account, the suit was po'poned.

Sept. 25, 1753 PWCCOB p. 277 John Allen attended two days as a witness for Samuel & Thomas Skinker against William Bridges. Ordered that the said Thomas do pay him for same. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Oct. 23, 1753 PWCCOB p. 295 James Hamrick, plaintiff vs. James Fee, defendant. The plaintiff shall recover from the defendant £ 4-6-7 and his costs. John Neavill a garnishee being heard adjudges there is of the defendant's estate in in hands four pounds & sixteen shillings. Ordered he pay the plaintiff.

Oct. 23, 1753 PWCCOB p. 304 Samuel Skinker & Thomas Skinker, executors of Samuel Skinker dec'd. plaintiffs vs. William Bridges, defendant. In debt, case continued to next court.

Nov. 21, 1753 Fairfax Co. Va. Wills, Inventory, Acccounts and Bonds book B\40-42 Jacob Smith accounts...omit details...paid by James Hamrick. (Abstracts by J.W. Johnson)

Nov. 26, 1753 PWCCOB p. 307 Sworn to serve as a Grand Jury for this county, included: Benjamin Bridges.

Nov. 26, 1753 PWCCOB p. 310 William Foster Junr. is appointed surveyor of the road in the room of Patrick Hamrick and ordered he keep the same in repair and erect posts or stones. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Mar. 27, 1754 PWCCOB p. 18 Thomas Bridges, plaintiff vs. James Garner, defendant. On petition. Plaintiff to recover sum of three pounds & his costs.

April 17, 1754 PWCCOB Thomas Bridges, plaintiff vs. James Garner, defendant sued for debt of £ 3.0.0, noted executed and paid.

May 29, 1754 PWCCOB p. 78 Thomas Bridges, plaintiff vs. Charles Morgan, defendant. In case. The defendant has a specal imparlance granted until next court.

May 29, 1754 PWCCOB p. 80 John Barker, plaintiff vs. Benjamin Bridges, defendant. In case. The defendant has a special imparlance granted until next court.

May 30, 1754 PWCCOB p. 86 Benjamin Bridges to be paid for 17 days as a witness for William Bailis against John Randolph by William Bailis. P. 89 Jury included Benjamin Bridges. P. 97 Benjamin Bridges to be paid for 10 days as evidence for Charles Seale against John Randoph by sd. Seale. P. 98 Benjamin Bridges to be paid for 3 days as a witness for John Peyton Jurn. at the suit of John Ralls by John Peyton.

1754 Pr. Wm. Co. rental roll (accession No. 20818) Benj'n. Bridges-112 acres, Patrick Hamrick-130, Robt. Hamrick-118, James Hamrick-130.

July 23, 1754 PWCCOB p. 126 Anthony Strother Gen't., plaintiff vs. Richard Bridges, defendant, on petition, this suit is continued until the next court. P. 127 Richard Bridges, plaintiff vs. John Allan Junr., defendant, on petition, the plaintiff is to recover four pounds & six shillings & his cost.

Aug. 24, 1754 PWCCOB p. 131 Suit between Anthony Strother and Richard Bridges, on motion of Richard with consent of Anthony, the accounts between them are left to the reference of Roger Dixon, gen't. and his arbitrament.

April 4 - June 3, 1755 survey (NN loose papers) for John & Henry Lee and Thomas Lawson, executors of Alan McCrae, assignee (in 1764) of Capt. Henry Peyton of Pr. Wm. Co. Two surveys 432 acres & 1,277 acres in Fauquier Co. on Little River of Goose Creek & Hunger Run; adj. Mr. Bryan Fairfax, Wm. Stamps, John Clerk, Thornton. Pilot: John Sias. Surveyor: W. West. Chain carriers: John Champ, Henry Parker, Jeremiah Hammerick. (Abstracts by P. S. Joyner)

Apr. 28, 1755 PWCCOB p. 221 William Oakly, dec'd. Administration granted to Jemima Oakly, his widow, with John Hopper & William Bridges as securities.(Abstracts in County Court Notebook by M. Ljungstedt)

Apr. 28, 1755 PWC Bond Book p.__ William Oakley, dec'd., admn. Jemima Oakley; John Hopper & William Bridges, sec. (Abstracts by J.W. Johnson).

May 26, 1755 PWCCOB p. 232 Walter Snails, (?Scails) dec'd. Administration granted to Francis Jackson with Benjamin Bridges as security. (Abstracts by M. Ljungstedt; by R. & S. Sparacio.)

May 26, 1755 PWC Bond Book p. __ Waller Seales, dec'd., admn. Francis Jackson; Benjamin Bridges sec. (Abstracts by J.W. Johnson)

Aug. 28, 1755 PWCCOB p. 306 Thomas Bridges, plaintiff vs. Charles Morgan Junr. & wife, defendants, in case, The defendants have a further special imparlance granted them until next court. p. 307 John Barker, plaintiff vs. Benjamin Bridges, defendant, in case, The said defendant pleads that he did not assume which the pltf. and joins the trial of which is refered until the next court.

Sept. 23, 1755 PWCCOB p. 313 Anthony Strother, gen't., plaintiff vs. William Bridges, defendant, on petition, suit dismissed.

Nov., 1755 PWCCOB p. 3 Benjamin Hamrick, plaintiff vs. Henry Peyton, gen't., defendant, on petition, this suit is dismissed.

Nov. 24, 1755 PWCCOB p. 12 "The petition of Patrick Hamrick to be levy free is granted him and ordered that he be discharged from paying the same both Publick and County for the future".

At a Vestry held at Detingin Parrish Glebe, Pr. Wm. Co. Dec. 8, 1755. Each tithable person to pay sixty pounds of tobacco being the Parish Leve for the present year. Order'd & Resolved that Patrick Hamrick Senr. be free from paying his Parish Leavie for the time to come.

May 25, 1756 PWCCOB p. 78 Thomas Tagart, plaintiff vs. Richard Bridges, defendant. on petition, dismissed. P. 79-80 Samuel & Thomas Skinker, executors of Samuel Skinker gen't. dec'd., plaintiff vs. William Bridges, defendant, in debt, to recover, Jury trial. P. 82 Patrick Hamrick to be paid for two days as a witness for & by Robert Foster at the suit of John Graham.

June 29, 1756 PWCCOB p. 125 Ordered James Bridges, William Foster Junr., Thos. Hart Junr. and Patrick Hamrick Junr. or any three of them being first sworn view the most convient way for John Reeve to clear a roling road from his plantation into the new road not to be prejudicial to any persons plantation and report the same to the court. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

July 26, 1756 PWCCOB p. 172 On petition of John Reeve for liberty to clear a roling road from his plantation into the new road, the persons appointed to view the same report as follows: We: James Bridges, Patrick Hamrick Junr. and Thomas Hart Junr. have viewed the most convient way for John Reeve to clear a roling road into the new road and find he must keep his old usual way to the old County Road thence along the old road to the head of a small drain against Mr. John Hooe's dwelling plantation thence down the north side of the said drain to the new road. Ordered that he clear the same according to the said report. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

Aug. 23, 1756 PWCCOB p. 192 James Hamrick to be paid for three days as a witness for & by William Buchanan against Joseph Sharman.

County Court Notebook by M. Ljungstedt lists "Robert Hamrick, Patroller, Pr. Wm. Co. Va. Orders Nov. 23, 1756".

ca prior 1755 birthdate of James Hambrick. He purchased land in 1785 in Rutherford Co. from Enock Hamrick, and another tract with Moses Bridges & George Blanton as witnesses, and was on the 1785 tax list with 100 acres. This James d. prior to 1808 in Rutherford Co. when his wife Priscilla's will was written naming nine children, all apparently b. after 1776. This is not the same man as the James b. ca prior 1731 that received half of Patrick's 260 acres tract in 1752. This may be the same man listed as James Hambrick "Jr." who purchased items at the store in Dumfries with debts due in 1775 but moved to N.C. It is not known it the Dumfries storekeeper recorded this name as "Jr." to indicate "son of " or "the younger of".)

ca prior 1755 birthdate of Isaac Hamrick. He was listed on the 1783-90 Pr. Wm. Co. tax lists. Isaac was listed in the 1800 & 1810 Rutherford Co. census. He purchased land in Rutherford Co. in 1806 from Isaac Bridges.

ca 1756/59 Pr. Wm. Co. birthdate of Price Hambrick who had a land entry in Rutherford Co. on July 11, 1786 adj. William Bridges. Price's will was probate Oct., 1817 in Rutherford Co. N.C. A Revolutionary War Military Service Record for Price Hamrick indicates he enlisted on Mar. 15,1777 for 3 years, and served as a private with the 10th, 6th Va. Regiments and the 2nd Va. Brigade. He was at Valley Forge Mar.-May, 1778 (and probably there also from Nov. 1777). Last muster roll was dated Jan. 29, 1780. (Price was married to Nancy prior to 1786, was on the 1790 Rutherford Co. census, purchased land in 1792 adj. William Bridges and owned land adj. Enock Hamrick.)

ca 1756/60 birthdate of Enoch Hambrick . He was listed beside of Samuel Hamrick on a 1777 Caswell Co. N.C. tax list. He was listed on the 1782 Rutherford Co. tax list with 263 acres (next to Samuel Hambrick & William Bridges) and noted with three fold tax. He owned land in Rutherford Co. in 1785 adj. Samuel Hamrick and in 1799 was adj. Price Hamrick. Enock moved with the Ellis & Shipley families to Barrren Co., Ky. by 1807 and then moved to Cooper Co., Mo. by 1817 where his estate was probated in 1834.

Feb. 28, 1757 PWCCOB p. 257 Administration of the estate of John Hamrick dec'd. is granted to Sarah Hamrick his widow and relict she having taken the oath of an administratrix and entered into and executed bond according to law with Richard Melton & Thomas Stone for her faithfull administration the said estate. Ordered that William Foster Junr., Robert Foster, George Reeve and George Foster or any three of them being sworn inventory and appraise the estate of John Hamrick dec'd. in current money and that the administratrix areturn the same to the Court. Feb. 28, 1757 PWC Bond Book p.__ John Hamrick, dec'd. administrator's bond. admn. Sarah Hamrick; Richard Melton & Thomas Stone sec. (Abstracts by J. W. Johnson)

March 7, 1757 PWCCOB p. 259 at a court for the proof of public claims: p. 261 Benjamin Bridges exhibited an account to this Court to which he made oath which is ordered to be certified to the General Assembly. p. 264 James Bridges exhibited an account which is ordered to be certified to the General Assembly. p. 265 a petition prepared by the inhabitants of Prince William County to this court is ordered to be certified to the General Assembly.

May 11, 1757 PWCCOB Geo. Rogers, plaintiff vs. Benjamin Hamrick, defendant, Fifa, debt, sheriff's return executed and agreed.

May 23, 1757 PWCCOB p. 272 Administration of the estate of Robert Hamrick dec'd. is granted to Elizabeth Hamrick his widow and relict she having taken the oath of a administratrix and entered into and executed bond according to law with Samuel Stone and John Smith for her faithfull administration the said estate. P. 273 Ordered that Edward Emms, John Bohanan, Isaac Davis & George Reeves or any three of them being sworn inventory & appraise the estate of Robert Hamrick dec'd. in curr't. money and that the administratrix return the same to the Court. P. 273 The inventory and appraisment of the estate of John Hamrick dec'd. was returned and ordered to be recorded. (Robert was listed on the 1747 tithables list, creating the possibility he may have been married as early as that date. The possibility of a marriage of approximately ten years or more creates the possibility Robert may have had as many as five or more children.)

May 23, 1757 PWC Bond Book p. __ Robert Hamrick, dec'd. administrator's bond. Elizabeth Hamrick, admn.: Samuel Stone & John Smith, securities. (Abstracts by J. W. Johnson)

July 4, 1757 PWCCOB Saml. Richards & Israel Marednil? afsd of Buchanan, plaintiffs vs. Jos. Minor, Thomas Bridges & Francis Day, casa, debt, £ 10-10-7 with interest from Jan. 4, 1754, sheriff's return executed and satisfied.

1757 Pr. Wm. Co. birthdate of Benjamin Hamrick who made a Revolutionary War Pension declaration at age 75 on Sept. 7, 1832 in Nicolas Co. Va. While residing in Fauquier Co., Va. , he was taken into the service in Nov. 1775 as a minute man under Capt. John Shelton/Chilton, with the Regiment commanded By Col. Edward Stephens and General Woodford. He served under this draft six months and was at the defeat of Capt. Fordice's? company of Garmadeers? at the Great bridge on the east branch of Elizabeth River. He enlisted in the army in 1776 while living in Fauquier Co. in the company under Captain John Chilton/Shilton, with the Regiment commanded by Col. Mercer and the Brigade by Gen. Woodford, and served in the third Va. Regiment until the fall of 1780. He was at the battle of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. In 1832 Nicholas Co. Joel Hamrick stated he lived in Fauquier Co. when Benjamin Hamrick left home and served. In 1832 Greenbrier Co. Benjamin Lemaster made oath that Benjamin Hamrick served. In 1835 Greenbrier Co., Va. Joseph McMillian aged 70 stated Benjamin Hamrick, while home on furlogh about 1779 married his sister. He was enrolled for a pension to commence Mar. 4, 1831 at an annual rate of $ 80. The pension claim was labeled "invalid" on Dec. 7, 1835 because "you left the army without leave and before your term had expired". (Pension file S5472) (Siras Hamrick also was at the battle of the Great Bridge.) The Military Service Record for Benjamin Hamrick of the 3rd, 4th and 7th Va. Regiments indicates he enlisted April 10, 1777 for one year, and enlisted again Dec. 9, 1777 for 3 years and served as a private, and from May 1778 as a corporal until Aug. 14th when he was reduced to private. His regiment was at Valley Forge Feb.-Mar. while he was on furlough. The last muster roll dated July 1, 1779 was noted "deserted June 25th". The last payment record indicates he was paid through Mar. 4, 1834 and was alive on March 5, 1834.

Land records can help determine the time a person was present in a specific location. Some of these land records have been drawn to scale in attempts to identify adjoining landowners to identify potentially related families. The present location of watercourses mentioned in these selected Orange Co. and Granville Co. deeds of the BRIDGES families from Prince William Co., Va. is indicated below to provide a general description of where these people lived with reference to present day county boundaries. If a circle with a 12 mile radius is drawn from the point where the Tar River crosses the present Person-Granville Co. line, the circle would generally encompass the area where these people lived in what is now Person, Granville and Durham Counties. All unindexed records for Orange/Granville/Caswell counties have not been checked. The following five locations identified from the deeds indicate where the Bridges owned land: 1. On the fork of Cub Creek, a branch of Tar River; Cub Creek rises in SE Person Co. and flows NE into Granville Co. and into the Tar River which flows SE. ( Samuel Hamrick adj. the Bridges on Cubb Creek). 2. Aaron's Creek; rises in NW Granville Co. and flows NE across the Virginia state line. 3. Grassy Creek; rises in NW Granville Co. and flows N across the Virginia state line; and on nearby Bearskin Creek which rises in NW Granville Co. and flows N into Grassy Creek. 4. between Mayo Creek and Buck Mountain Creek; Mayo or Maho Creek rises in mid NE Person Co. and flows N across the Virginia state line. 5. South side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek; Deep Creek rises in Person Co. and flows S to the mouth with Flat River in N Durham Co. as Flat River flows SE.

Granville Co. records which mention the family name Bridger/Bridgers/Bridges not selected for inclusion in this article relate to a northeastern N.C. family. This was a very large family, which may represent the Bridger family from Isle of Wight Co., Va., which spread from the adjoining areas of Northampton, Bertie, Edgecombe, Johnston Counties into Granville, Bute, Warren, Franklin, Vance and Nash Counties. The Granville Co. land records show these families lived in the area that is now SE Granville, S Franklin and NW Wake Counties, basically S and W from Louisburg, N.C. and S of the Tar River and N of the Neuse River. The watercourses here include Cedar Creek, Newlight Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Middle Creek, Tar River, Crooked Creek, Mooney's Branch, Millstone Branch, Meadow Branch, Great Branch, Rays Creek, Sandy Creek, Buffalo Creek, and Little Cypress. Several references to a Bridget/Bridgit family in Orange Co. are also omitted.

Earl Granville to Patrick Lashley, Gentleman, of Granville Co. N.C. Grant dated Nov. 9, 1756 C/181-183 SS LG 47-B No. 242 640 acres in St. John's Parish in Granville Co. on both sides of Bear Skin Creek. Signed: Patrick (his " "mark). wit: Sher'd. Haywood, Barna. McKinne. Survey dated Jan. 29, 1755 with Chain Carriers: John Baines, Merret Moore Proven Dec. 7, 1756 by oath of James Paine. (Patrick Lashley and Richard Roberts were listed on a 1754 Granville Co. muster roll. One Patrick Lashley sold land in Northampton Co. in 1743).

Patrick Lashley, planter to Phillip Pryor, Esq., both of Granville Co., N.C. Deed dated March 1, 1757 C/189-191 £ 40 lawful money of Great Britain, 320 acres in St. John's Parish in Granville Co. on the head of Bearskin Creek, being the plantation where William Manus formerly lived and now in the occupation of the said Phillip Pryor, adj. Phillip Pryor & John Thomas, being half of a grant to Patrick Lashley. Signed: Patrick (his " " mark) Lashly. Wit: ____. Acknowleged by Patrick Lashly at March court 1757.

Patrick Lashley, overseer to John Thomas, planter, both of Granville Co. N.C. Deed dated June 4, 1757 C/260-261 £ 12 Great Britain 320 acres in Granville Co. on Bearskin Creek adj. Philip Pryor, granted by John Earl Granville to Patrick Lashley Nov. 9, 1756. Signed: Patrick (his " "mark) Lashley. Wit: Philip Pryor, Haden Pryor. Proven by Philip Pryor June 7, 1757 Granville Co. court.

Patrick Lashly's will dated Nov. 28, 1758 (Secretary of State Wills, Vol. XVII 855, p.69) sick, but in perfect sence, I give to the child my wife now goes with, all my personal and real estate. My wife Lidda shall enjoy my estate as long as she lives a widow. Executor: beloved friend Philip Pryor. Signed: Patrick (his "X"mark) Lashly. Witness: Moses Span & Christian Langston. Proven in Granville Co. court March 20, 1759 by oath of Moses Span. Phillip Pryor qualified as executor. (This deed implies that Patrick and Lydia had only one child born 1758/59, identifed from other records as Ann, who married Thomas Bridges in 1772. This deed also implies that Patrick & Lydia may not have been married long and that Lydia may still be a very young woman.)

Patrick Lashly's estate record of seven loose pages. p.1 Aug. 10, 1760 Summons to sheriff of Granville Co. for appearance of Mary Eaton and Ann Person at next Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions on second Tuesday in Nov. to give evidence in a case between Giles Carter, plaintiff and the administratrix of Patrick Lashly dec'd. p.2 Nov. 11, 1760 Court was presented an inventory by Philip Pryor, Exec'd. which included two negroes Rodger and Bristor, two feather beds and furniture, twenty six head of black cattle, fifty two head of hoggs, ....etc...omit. p.3 ........ an inventory of the four horses of Patrick Lashly Dec'd. by Phil. Pryor.

Records including account books and ledgers for the mercantile firms of John Glassford and Co. of Glasgow, Scotland 1753-1844 are in the Library of Congress and have been microfilmed on 71 rolls. The Dumfries store, which purchased tobacco from the settlers and sold supplies for cash or credit, is represented by eleven ledgers covering 1758 - 1776. The original ledger for 1758-59 is on roll 62 of shelf number 18,978. An index of the 1758-59 ledger shows: Benjamin Bridges p. 31; James Bridges p. 218; James Hammick p. 185; James Hamrick p. 56; Joseph Hamrick p. 52; and other names that appeared in other records with Bridges or Hamrick. The ledger for 1760 on roll 63 lists Benjamin Bridges p. 27; James Bridges p. 115; James Hamrick p. 94; Joseph Hamrick p. 37. (RE: The Virginia Genealogist by J.F. Dorman, article by Ann H. Mack 31/p.122 & 32/p.135.) (These two ledgers have not been examined for details of the references to Bridges and Hamrick. With the scarcity of Northern Neck records, research on the Bridges & Hamrick families will not be completed until all details of these eleven Dumfries ledgers, and perhaps others in this record group, have been reviewed.)

Jan. 28, 1760 PWCCOB p. 19 Richard Graham vs. Jeremiah Hamrick, attachment, continued. (Abstracts from The Virginia Genealogist TVG by J. F. Dorman, 19/223).

Jan. 29, 1760 PWCCOB p. 24 John Wiggington & wife vs. Benjamin Bridges & wife, in chancery. (TVG 19/225)

Jan. 29, 1760 PWCCOB p. 27 Peill & Steele vs. Benjamin Hamrick, in case. The defendant came not. Judgement is granted aginst the defendant and John Buchanan his common bail for what shall appear due. (TVG 19/291)

Feb. 25, 1760 PWCCOB p. 37 Graham vs. Hamrick. The defendant came not. Judgement is grantd the plaintiff for £ 27.12.0 Henry Peyton, a garnishee, declares he has ot the defendant's estate three hundred and ninety six pounds of tobacco. Order he pay the same to the plaintiff toward satisfaction. James Bridges, a garnishee, declares that he has none of the defendants's estate in his hands. (TVG 19/296)

Feb. 26, 1760 PWCCOB p. 44 John Wiggington & wife vs. Benjamin Bridges & wife. In chancery. On motion of the defendants by their attorney, time is given them until next court to answer the complainant's bill. (TVG 19/299)

Feb. 26, 1760 PWCCOB p. 49 Benjamin Hamrick vs. John Diskin, in case, Ordered that a dedimus issue to take the deposition of Thomas Mollohon as a witness. (TVG 19/302)

Mar. 25, 1760 PWCCOB p. 69 Nathaniel Chapman vs. Benjamin Hamrick & Robert Hood, in debt, The defendants filed their plea to which the plaintiff demurred gneerally and time is allowed the defendants until next Court to consider the same. (TVG 20/38) p. 74 David Welch vs. Joshua Welch, ejectment, jury: Benjamin Hamrick...omit others..p. 76 & p. 78 Benjamin Hamrick on other juries..omit others.(TVG 20/41-42).

Apr. 28, 1760 PWCCOB p. 85 Benjamin Bridges is appointed surveyor of the road in the room of Benjamin Bristow and ordered he erect posts or stones where necessary. (TVG 20/134)

May 26, 1760 PWCCOB p. 90 Benjamin Hamrick, a witness for William Seale at the suit of Edward Garrett, failing to appear to give his testimony, ordered that he be precluded from any attendance heretofore made by him. (TVG 20/138)

May 27, 1760 PWCCOB p. 97 John Glassford & Co. vs. Eleanor Rose. jury: Benjamin Bridges, ..omit others. p. 100 Messrs. Peill & Scott vs. Richard Kenner, in case, jury: Benjamin Bridges, ..omit others. (TVG 20/142)

May 28, 1760 PWCCOB p. 109 Allan Macrae, Gent. assee. of Edward Conner vs. John Ballendine, in debt, jury: Benjamin Hamrick...omit others.(TVG 20/190)

June 24, 1760 PWCCOB p. 118 The last will & testament of William Lashbrooke was presented in Court by Mary Lashbrooke and James Bridges, the executors therein named, and proven by Benjamin Rush Junr. and Francis Manuel. (TVG 20/194)

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 45 & 45a, executor's bond dated June 24, 1760 with Mary Lashbrook, James Bridges, & Benjamin Rush Junr. bound as securities for £ 500 for Mary Lashbrooke & James Bridges, executors to make an inventory of property of William Lashbrooke, deceased. Signed: Mary (her "M"mark) Lashbrooke, Jas. Bridges, Benja. Rush Jr. (Was Mary the daughter mentioned in the 1743 will of William Bridges?)

July 28, 1760 PWCCOB p. 139 Robert Foster is appointed guardian to Elizabeth Davis, orphan of Joshua Davis, who with Benjamin Rush Junr. and James Bridges executed a bond. p. 139 Ordered that Benjamin Rush, James Hamrick, George Carte and Redman Grigsby inventory and appraise the estate of William Lashbrooke. (TVG 20/287)

Aug. 2, 1760 PWCCOB p. 169 Ordered that Benjamin Tyler, John Tyler, Benjamin Bridges and Benjamin Bristow view the most convenient way for a road to be cleared from the Piney branch into the Mountian road near Colo. Blackburn's Quarter. (TVG 21/135)

Aug. 26, 1760 PWCCOB p. 173 Elizabeth Hamrick exhibited an account against the estate of Robert Hamrick. (TVG 21/137)

Sept. 22, 1760 PWCCOB p. 194 John Laws vs. Joseph Hamrick, on petition, It is considered that the plaintiff ought to recover £ 1.13.4 John McClain attended one day as witness for & to be paid by Laws.TVG (21/213)

1758/62 Pr. Wm. Co. birthdate of David Hamrick, son of Jeremiah Hamrick, Senr., followed by later births of Uriah & Nathan, (and probably Jeremiah Jr. , Henry, Travis, Yelverton, and ?Anna & ?Isaac). A Petition was filed before the Justices in Rutherford Co. N.C. on Nov. 17, 1812 by Abednego Adams Snr., Anna Adams and Isaac Hamrick and made oath that Nathan Hamrick is a brother to Uriah and David Hamrick, both deceased, which leaves Nathan as the eldest living brother socalled or son to Jeremiah Hamrick Sr. formerly of Pr. Wm. Co. and we have been acquainted with Nathan from his infancy. Another document by Wm. B. Harrison states he was acquainted with David Hambrick who enlisted in the Legion comd. by Lt. Col. Henry Lee in the Revolutionary war in the later part of 1777 or the beginning of 1788 for three years--dated Dec. 17, 1812 & signed by Wm. B. Harrison, Ensign of the above Legion. Mr. Hambrick will call on ? Smith and James Hickson who lives on Litt?le River and served with David Hamrick. Another document by Wm. B. Harrison states that he was informed about twenty years ago by Mrs. Farrow of Pr. Wm. Co., who was an aunt to David Hambrick, who was a soldier in Lt. Col. Lee's Legion of infantry & cavalry that David Hambrick her nephew was dead, and died of wounds in the arm received during battle--dated Dec. 18, 1812. Another document stated David Hambric was a private in my Legion and he served to his death from a wound received at the siege of ninety six in So. Carolina, and lay at the high hills of santee many weeks ill--Signed Henry Lee Dec. 22, 1812. Another item: Warrant No. 604 was issued Dec. 29, 1812 to Nathan Hambrick and the other heirs at law of D. Hambrick & deliverd to said Nathan. Bounty Land Warrant 604-100. (RE: National Archives M-804, R-1169, #0434-0441, 8 p.).

Earl Granville to Lydia Lashley of Granville Co. N.C. Grant dated Dec. 2, 1760 G/117-118 SS LG 47-B No. 179 600 acres in Granville Co. on both sides of Grassy Creek. Survey dated Feb. 17, 1758 for Patrick Lashley with Chain Carriers: Thos. Fowler, Rich'd. Fowler. adj. Charles Smith. Grant Wit: W. Johnson & William Sims. Signed: Lidia Lashley. Recorded Nov. court 1763. (Lydia Roberts was the daughter of Richard Roberts, d. 1772. Richard Roberts received a land grant from Earl Granville dated May 6, 1763 for 700 acres on Cub Creek of Tar River, and had other land records which have not been researched. Lydia Roberts married Patrick Lashley, d. 1759. Lydia Roberts Lashley m.#2 James Bridges. Patrick & Lydia's dau Ann Lashley m. Thomas Bridges. Thomas Bridges sold this 600 acre tract of land to James Bridges Feb. 8, 1772).

Earl Granville to Liddia Lashley of Granville Co. Grant dated Dec. 3, 1760 G/116 SS LG 47-B No. 184 250 acres in St. John's Parish in Granville Co. on both sides of Tar River and Croooked Run. Survey dated Feb. 6, 1756 for Patrick Lashley with Chain Carriers: Willm. Washington, Matthias Miers. Survey shows Crooked Run on N side of Tarr River. Grant Wit: Will. Johnson & Charles Allen. Signed: Lidia (her" " mark" Lashley. Recorded Nov. court 1763. ( James Bridges and wife Liddia Bridges sold this land to Thomas Bridges Nov. 12, 1774 by an unrecorded deed)

May 22, 1760 birthdate of David Hamrick, in the Northern Neck, Va. David Hamrick age 72, resident of Clark township, Clinton Co., Ohio made declaration on Nov. 5, 1832 to obtain Revolutionary War pension. While living in Fauquier Co., he enlisted in 1777 with Edward Conner, in the Third Regiment of Dragoons, called Washington's light horse for 3 years. Went to Fredericksburg, through Pa. to N.J., was at battle of Monmoth Court House, to Sandy Hook, to West Point, the Philadelaphia, to Charlestown, SC, to Camden and through N.C. to Halifax Town where he was discharged in summer of 1780 by Col. William Washington. Certificate of pension #7965 issued Apr. 26, 1833. Declaration made Oct. 26, 1843 by Lettis Hamrick, widow of David Hamrick, a resident of Clinton Co. aged 80. David Hamrick died July 12, 1839 in Clinton Co. She married David Hamrick Feb. 1788 in Halifax Co., Va. and lived there for a few years, then Pittsylvania Co.,Va. until 1816 then moved to Clinton Co. On Oct. 26, 1843, William Hamrick, J.P. of Clinton Co. (age 50 on Feb. 16, 1843 ) son of David & Letty, submits pages which were cut out of an old book which belonged to his father entitled "the Westminster Confession of Faith" written by his father as a family record in the spring of 1815 in Va. and given to William West, son in law of David Hamrick, and is a true record of the family, the last two named in the record being grand children: David Hamrick born May 22, 1760, Letice b. Apr. 7, 1763, Nancy b. Mar. 21, 1789, Sarah b. Nov 7, 1790, William b. Feb. 16, 1793, Rhoda b. Apr. 10, 1797, Elizabeth b. Dec. 16, 1798, Sukkey b. June 4, 1801, Letice b. Nov. 3, 1803, Mahaley b. Mar. 6, 1806, Peggey b. July 19, 1808, Paten C. West b. Nov. 19, 1811 and David H. West b. Nov. 21, 1813. On Oct. 26, 1843 Thomas West, over age 61, stated he was first acquainted with David Hamrick in Pittsylvania, also that David's oldest daughter Nancy now lives in Clinton Co. Lettice Hamrick, widow was inscribed # 5588 on the roll of Ohio at a rate of $100 per annum, with her death dated noted as May 19, 1853. One reference says "David Hamrick commonly called Hambrick". (RE: Revolutionary War Pension file # W-5292.) (It is interesting this David Hamrick b. 1760 recorded birthdates for his family in a "WESTMINSTER Confession of Faith". The antient philosophical farmer most likely would walk behind his barn, look at this book and probably say something like:......"this ain't a zebra"..... The use of this specific religious book of English origin may indicate an English origin for the religious faith of the Ham(b)rick family of the Northern Neck, and an English origin of the family itself. If this book had been an "Augsburg Confession", it might be reasonable to question an ethnic origin other than English for the Hambrick family; but it wasn't, so it isn't.)

1760 Pr. Wm. Co. rental roll (accession no. 21182) Benj. Bridges-112 acres, Patrick Hamrick-130, Robert Hamrick-118.

1761 Pr. Wm. Co. rental roll (accession no. 21183) Benj. Bridges-112 acres, Patrick Hamrick-130, Robert Hamrick-118, James Hamrick -130.

Nov. 18, 1760 James Bridges land entry in office of Earl Granville, 700 acres of vacant land lying in Orange Co. on Mudd Branch the waters of Flatt River. Signed: James (his "X"mark") Bridges, with wit: Jas. Watson. Feb. 17, 1761 survey warrant issued by Thomas Child, Esquire, agent and commissioner of Earl Granvile, to William Churton Esqr. surveyor of Orange Co. to survey for James Bridges 700 acres in Orange Co. on the north fork of Cubb Creek & waters or Tarr River running on both sides of the creek-by order of the said agents-signed Jas. Watson, & noted on back "Granted Octr. 13, 1761". Survey dated April 14, 1761 by W. Churton for James Bridges 340 acres in Orange Co. on Cubb Creek of Tarr River, adj. Abaolom Lankson. Sworn chain carriers: Thos. Striplin & John Bridges. (SS Granville Proprietary Land Office, microfilm S.108.279 Orange Co. Bo-Bu.)

Earl Granville to James Bridges of Orange Co., N.C. Grant dated Oct. 13, 1761 consideration: ten shilllings sterling, plus yearly rent of 13 shillings, 8 pence, half penny. 340 acres in Orange Co. on Cubb Creek of Tarr River adj. Absolom Lankson. Grant signed: James (his"+"mark) Bridges. Witness: Jas. Watson, Z?L?ach mathoa??. (SS LG 85-E) Recorded in Orange Co. court on August 13, 1765. (James Bridges sold this tract to John Bridges by a lost deed dated 1761 or 1762 and then John Bridges sold it to Moses Bridges March 25, 1772 3/483, and Moses apparently sold it ca 1772/77 by a "lost" Orange Co. deed.). (This was the first land purchased in N.C. by the Pr. Wm. Co. BRIDGES family and this tract appears to have been an anchor point for their migration into N.C. In 1770 Samuel Hamrick purchased Absolom Lankson's land which adj. this tract on the SE side.)

Many of the early Orange Co., N. C. deeds which were recorded in the deed books are now "lost" due to the British loyalist, James Munro, who buried the deed books in the ground in 1781 to hold them as ransom until his confiscated property and private business papers were returned. The deeds proven in Court from 1752-1768 were listed (with minimum detail) in a separate volume (now in the N.C. Archives, microfilm C.073.48002). The court minutes reference the proving of the deeds, but the minute books for 1766-1777 are missing, meaning there is usually no trace of deeds recorded 1769-1777 unless the individual purchaser returned the original deed to the courthouse after 1781 for re-recording.

Earl Granville to John Bumpass (probably the land John Bumpass sold to William Bridges). Grant dated June 6, 1761, Orange Co. entered as 700 acres of Deep Creek, waters of Flat River. (Peter Craven received an Oct. 14, 1761 grant on Deep Creek of Flat River adj. John Bumpass; with John Bumpass as chain carrier for the survey.) (George McWhorter had a Feb. 3, 1761 survey on Deep Creek of Flat River below John Bumpass, with Thomas Striplin as chain carrier.) (John Bumpass had been a chain carrier on a Oct. 15, 1753 survey of 218 acres for Samuel Bumpass on the spring branch that leads into Mudd Branch for which a survey warrant had been issued April 30, 1753 for 400 acres on the first branch that goes into the Mudd Branch that goes into Deep Creek, and was granted Dec. 31, 1761.) (Samuel Bumpass also received an Oct. 13, 1761 grant on both sides of Spring Branch & Mudd Branch waters of Flat River.)

John Bumpass of _______ Co. to William Bridges of _______Co. Deed dated between June 6, 1761 and May 14, 1765 ___/___ lost Orange Co. deed £ ___ 100 acres in Orange Co. Location ? probably on Deep Creek of Flat River. Witness: James Watson & _______. Proved in Orange Co. court on May 14, 1765 by James Watson. (James Watson may have been a land agent, land speculator or court official rather than having a relationship with either of these families.) (When did William Bridges sell this land? ca 1769/77 by a now "lost" deed?)

John Bumpass of ___ Co. to Alexander Erskin of ___ Co. Deed dated prior Aug. 14, 1764 ___/___ lost Orange Co. deed 360 acres in Orange Co. on ______, acknowledged by John Bumpass in Orange Co. court Aug. 14, 1764.

John Bumpass of ___ Co. to John Trops of ____ Co. Deed dated prior Feb. 14, 1764 ___/___ lost Orange Co. deed 209 acres in Orange Co. N.C. located on ______ Creek?River adj.____ Proved in Orange Co. court Feb. 14, 1764 by John Bumpass.

Mar. 24, 1761 PWCCOB p. 249 Benjamin Hamrick vs. John Diskin, in case, The defendant pleads that he did not issue. Referred until next court.(TVG 22/142)

Mar. 24, 1761 PWCCOB p. 249 Isaac Farrow, Abraham Farrow, John Farrow, John Metcalf & Sybill his wife vs. John Wiggington. In chancery. On motion of the complainants further time is given them to file their bill. (TVG 22/142)

Mar. 24, 1761 PWCCOB p. 250 Benjamin Hamrick vs. John Ralls, in case. The defendant hath a further imparlance granted him. (TVG 22/250)

May 25, 1761 PWCCOB p. 268 sworn as grand juryman: Patrick Hamrick, Junr...omit others. (TVG 22/307)

June 22, 1761 PWCCOB p. 287 On the motion of Benjamin Bridges for a new road to be cleared from Francis Manuel's to Cedar Run Church, ordered that Benjamin Rush Junr., Silvester Moss, John Farrow and Philemon Waters view the most convenient way.(TVG 23/52)

June 25, 1761 PWCCOB p. 295 Allan Macrae, Gent., assignee of Humphrey Burditt vs. Benjamin Hamrick. In debt. Continued. (TVG 23/133)

July 27, 1761 PWCCOB p. 300 Joseph Hamrick is appointed surveyor of the road from Anthony Seal Junr.'s to the county line at the mountains. Ordered that he also erect posts or stones where necessary.(TVG 23/135)

July 27, 1761 PWCCOB p. 303 Benjamin Grimes, Gent. vs. Richard Graham, on attachment..etc...omit.. & James Bridges, a garnishee declares he has none of the defendant's estate.(TVG 23/138)

July 29, 1761 PWCCOB p. 315 Benjamin Hamrick, a garnishee, failing to appear, an attachment is ordered to issue against him. (TVG 23/205)

July 30, 1761 PWCCOB p. 315 George Nichols v. John Ballendine and Company. In debt. Jury: Benjamin Hamrick, omit others..(TVG 23/205), also p. 319 Benjamin Hamrick on jury...omit others.

July 31, 1761 PWCCOB p. 335 Benjamin Hamrick vs. John Diskin. In Case. Continued. Bridger Hanie attendid one day as a witness for John Diskin at the suit of Benjamin Hamrick, ordered Benjamin to pay him 25 pounds of tobacca. (TVG 23/215)

Aug. 26, 1761 PWCCOB p.351 John Peill & Matthew Steel vs. Benjamin Hamrick. In Case. The defendant came not. Judgment is confirmed against him for £ 1.15.0. (TVG 23/299)

Aug. 26, 1761 PWCCOB p. 355 Nathaniel Chapman vs. Benjamin Hamrick & Robert Hood. In debt. This suit abates by the plaintiff's death. (TVG 23/301) p. 302 Benjamin Adams & wife Elizabeth, executors of John Gregg vs. George Calvert Junr., in debt, jury: Benjamin Hamrick...omit others (TVG 23/302)

Sept. 29, 1761 PWCCOB p. 366 Thomson Mason Esqr. v. Benajmin Hamrick, on petition, continued. John Southerland vs. John Highwarden, in trespass, jury: Joseph Hamrick, omit others. P. 369-370 Benjamin Hamrick vs. John Diskin, in case, jury: omit details. P. 370 Scarlet Maddin vs. William Waite, in trespass, jury: Joseph Hamrick, George Reeve, omit details. Solomon Jones to be paid for two days as a witness for & by Benjamin Hamrick against John Diskin 50 pounds of tobacco. John Shirly to be paid for five days as a witness for & by Benjamin Hamrick, 125 pounds tobacco. Joseph Hamrick to be paid for five days as a witness for & by Benjamin Hamrick, 125 pounds tobacco. Mary Ravenous to be paid for five days as a witness for & by Benjamin Hamrick, 125 pounds tobacco. (TVG).

Sept. 29, 1761 PWCCOB Obed. Harris, Isaac Farrow and Benjamin Bridges acknowledged themselved indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Third. Obed Harris in the sum of £ 40 and Isaac Farrow and Benjamin Bridges his securities each in the sum of £ 20, on condition that if Obed Harris shall be of good behaviour to all his Majestie's leige subjects a year and a day, especially to William Tebbs Gent., then the recognizance to be void. (TVG).

Oct. 1, 1761 PWCCOB p. 379 William Carr, Gent. vs. Benjamin Hamrick, on petition, it is considered the plaintiff ought to recover £ 3.13.10. P. 380 Simon Luttrell to be paid for four days as witness for & by William Carr, Gent. against Benjamin Hamrick, 100 pounds tobacco. P. 381-2 Allan Macrae, Gent., assignee of Humphry Burdet, vs. Benjamin Hamrick, in debt, this suit is left to the arbitrament and final determination of James Scott, Clk. & Archibald Henderson, and their award is to be the final judgment of the Court. Ordered that a dedimus issue to take the deposition of Patrick Hamrick, an antient and infirm person, and that the same be settled between this and November Court. (Both William Carr and Allan Macrae were justices who were listed present, but when their case was heard they were listed as absent from the bench). (TVG)

1762 Pr. Wm. Co. landholders (accession no. 2118) Benjamin Bridges-112 acres, due 8 years; James Hamrick-130, 1; Patrick Hamrick-130, 0.

James Bridges of _______ Co., to John Bridges of _________ Co. Deed dated between Oct. 1761 and Nov. 1762 ___/___ lost Orange Co. deed £ _____ 340 acres in Orange Co. on the Fork of Cub Creek of Tar River , being a tract granted by Earl Granville to James Bridges dated Oct. 13, 1761 adjoining Littleton Mapp line formerly Absolem Lankstones, Signed: ________ Wit: ______, _____. Acknowledged by James Bridges in Orange Co. court Nov. 9, 1762. (John sold this land to Moses Bridges March 25, 1772)

Peter Jackson & wife Elizabeth to John Bush, Sr., all of Granville, Co., N.C. Deed dated Nov. 7, 1761 recorded book E page 6 consideration: £ 7. 330 acres in Granville Co. on both sides of Six Pound Creek, adjoining Downey, Hawkins, and Nutt. Signed: Peter Jackson, Elizabeth (her mark) Jackson. Witness: William Gilreath, Jeremiah Hamrick. Acknowledged Nov. Court, 1761 by Peter Jackson. ( Six Pound Creek rises in N Warren Co. and flows north into the Roanoke River & Lake Gaston).

Joseph Bell to Alexander Anderson, both of Granville Co. N.C. Deed dated July 14, 1762 E/391-392 £ 3 Va. money. Ten acres in Granville Co. , part of land said Bell now lives on, adj. Reed and said Anderson. Signed: Joseph Bell. Wit: Jas. Paine, William Wright, Jeremiah Hamrick. Proven August Court, 1762 by James Paine. (Joseph Bell received a grant in 1760 on Indian Branch adj. Anderson and in 1758 Anderson received a grant on Hob Quarter Creek which is located E of Six Pound Creek)

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 50-50a. Executor's bond dated Feb. 22, 1762 with William Hazelrigg, James Hazelrigg, Abel Hazelrigg, Thomas Falkner & Patrick Hamrick bound as securities for £ 500 for William, James & Abel Hazelrig, executors to make an inventory of Richard Hazelrig, deceased. Signed: Wm. x Hazelrig, James x Hazelrig, Abel Hazelrig, Thos. Faulkner, & Patrick Hamrick Jun.

Seth Petty pool to James Bridges, both of Granville Co., N.C. Deed dated May 11, 1762 E/246 £ 20 Va. 100 acres in Granville Co. on Aaron's Creek. Signed: Seth (his "X" mark) petty pool. Wit: Robt. Harris. Recorded "Granville Co. Court , May 1762, Seth Petty Pool acknowledged this deed to be his act and deed & on motion it was ordered to be registered, previous to which Mary Pool wife of said Seth, she being privately examined by Phillip Taylor Esqr. appointed for that purpose by the Court, relenquished her right of dower in the lands by this deed conveyed which on motion was ordered to be certified." (James Bridges sold this tract, along with a 370 acre tract to Thomas Bridges Feb. 18, 1772 J/342-343).

Seth Petty Pool to James Bridges. Assignment dated July 26, 1762 of a survey warrant dated April 20, 1762 for a Lord Granville land entry dated _______, originally entered by Seth Petty Pool for 700 acres in Granville Co. on Aarons Creek adj. his own, for which a survey order was issued April 20, 1762 to Thomas Person Esqr. surveyor of Granville Co. Signed: Seth Petty pool. Wit: Thomas Person. A note on the back of the survey warrant indicates 375 acres was granted to James Bridgers April 1, 1763.

Earl Granville to James Bridges of Granville Co., N. C. Grant dated April 1, 1763 H/15-16 consideration: Ten Shillings Sterling Money and rents, with yearly rent of Fifteen Shillings which is at rate of three Shillings for every hundred acres at or upon by half yearly payments. 370 acres of vacant land in Granville Co. on both sides of Aarons Creek. adj. his old line and Harris. Signed: Granville by Thos Child. Wit: none listed. August court, 1765, proven by Robert Jones Junr Esqr. ( RE: Land Grant Office file, Granville Co. # 0568 James Bridgers 375 acres on April 1, 1763 which had originally been an entry dated ______ by Seth Petty Pool adj. his own , with a survey order issued April 20, 1762, and an asignment of his claim to James Bridgers on July 26, 1762 witnessed by Thomas Person. (James Bridges sold this tract , along with a 100 tract to Thomas Bridges Feb. 18, 1772 J/342-343).

1762 Granville Co., N. C. tax lists (NCGSJ Aug. 1986) Country Line District (upper NW section of county, including Aarons Creek and Grassy Creek) name no. 13 Richard Roberts (head) including Willis Roberts and David Roberts -total 3 whites; no. 25. Sith Pette Pool -2 whites; no. 48. John Bridges -1 white; no. 51. William Bridges (head) including James Bridges-total 2 whites ; no. 53. Luke Landers-1 white; others who failed to give in: Philip Pryor. Granville Parish District (very large district which included in the far NW the Cub Creek of Tar River section) no. 10. Isaiah Phips, constable-2; no.16. Thomas Bridges-1; no. 19. Absolom Langston-1; no. 20. Moses Spann-1. Pryor's District by Phil Pryor (W area of county, S of Country Lind Dist. and N of Granville Parish Dist., included Cub Creek of Tar River ) no. 5. William Washington 1 white, 1 black; no. 13. Thomas Person (head) with David Wilkerson 2 whites, 4 blacks; no. 43. Phil Pryor (head) with Haden Pryor 2 whites, 4 blacks. Cross Roads District (upper NE section of county, including Six pound Creek) name no. 9. Jeremiah Hambrick (head) including James Russil - total 2 whites; no. 19. Peter Jackson-1; no. 21. John Bush-1; no. 42. Jas. Paine (etc)- total 13; no. 72. Willm. Gilreath-1; no. 84. Jos. Bell ,constable -1; also Allicksandra Anderson.

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 56. Executor's bond dated May 2, 1763 with Newman Mathis, (Benjamin-stricken) James Bridges & John Reves bound as securities for £ 500 for Newman Mathews, executor to make an inventory of the property of Griffin Mathis, deceased. Signed: Newman matthies, James Bridges, John (his "x"mark) Reeve.

June 6, 1763 PWCCOB p. 521. The will of Thomas Hart, dec'c was presented by Leonard Hart, executor and was proven by James Bridges, John Peyton & John Lumsdell. (Abstracts by M. Ljungstedt) Also mentioned on this p. is Benj. & James Hamrick, omit details. (Thomas Hart b. ca. 1689 gave a deposition for Patrick Hamrick in 1739).

James Bridges married the widow Lydia (Roberts) Lashley between 1761 and early 1764, in the Grassy Creek community of Granville Co., N.C. It is not known if James had an earlier wife. James & Lydia had a married life together of approximately 26 to 29 years before they were listed in the 1790 York Co. S. C. census. This census creates the appearance of their having two sons and five daughters still at home. From other records, these sons were Richard & James. From the 1800 census for Lydia, the last two daughters were listed b. ca 1785/90, so if the last two daughters were born ca 1785 and 1787, there may have been a child bearing period of ca 1761/64 to 1787, or 23 to 26 years. Since we found 7 children at home in 1790, based on 2 years between children, there is a mathematical possibility there may have been as many as 4 to 6 more children, b. ca 1761/64 to 1772 who left home prior to the 1790 census.

It is not known where the Bridges and Hamrick families attended church in Granville/Orange Co. By the time these families were in western NC-upper SC, they were Baptist. Located in the Granville Co. area area was Grassy Creek Baptist Church which was established prior to 1755. A history of this Church, by Rev. Robert I. Devin born 1822, written in 1880, indicated at that time the earliest church records which could be found started in 1769.

Patrick Lashly's estate record p.4 is a Guardian's bond dated Feb. 14, 1764. James Bridges, Richard Roberts and James Langston are bound to James Paine Esqr. and the other Justices of Granville Co. in the sum of £ 400. The condition of the bond is that James Bridges is to be guardian of Anne Lashly, orphan of Patrick Lashly, dec'd., and make an inventory of what comes into his hands, and be paid to Anne within three months after she reaches the age of eighteen. Signed: James (his "J" mark) Bridges, Richard Roberts and James Langston. Witness: B J??n. Feb. court 1764. p.5 is an account (omit details) dated Feb. 1764 of the estate of Patrick Lashley dec'd including a list of property at time of appointment as guardian, and amounts received and expended with a net due the orphan of £ 3.10.3 1/2. Signed: James (his "J"mark) Bridges. (Ann was b. ca 1746/59, and was probably the child Lydia was carrying in Nov. 1758.)

Patrick Lashly's estate record p. 6 is a list of sales totaling £ 58.15.0 made by Philip Pryor, sheriff on Aug. 1, 1765 (omit details) but the only purchasers were James Bridges, Thos. Person and Richard Roberts. p. 7 is an account of the estate with details showing a balance remaining of £ 17.4.2 (omit details, but one item is payment to James Bridges for smith's work).

Source: Abstracts of Orange Co. Court Minutes by Shields: Feb. Court 1764 named to work on the road from Deep Creek to the County line, etc....including John Bridges & Thomas Bridges, Gabriel Davie, Thomas King, James Satterfield, George Flynn, Bumpas, and others. The abstract of Aug. 1763 road workers also included John Tabor and John Thompson and others.

Leonard Dozer, planter of Bute Co., N.C. to George Blanton of Lunenburg Co., Va. Deed dated July 13, 1764. Now registered in Warren Co. A/104-105. Consideration: £ 65 Virginia money. 174 acres in Bute Co. on the upper side of Smith's Creek adj. Lamkin and George Wilson. Wit: Jno. Hawkins, Samson Lamkin, Pennswell Wood & John Newman. Proven in Bute Co. court Jan., 1765 by oath of John Hawkins. Also see A/303 William Johnson, Esqr., late sheriff of Bute Co. deed to Philip Burford, sold for £ 37 on Aug. 1, 1764 (ordered sold by Allen Jones CSC Halifax Mar. 1, 1764) land of George Blanton on W side of Smith's Creek sold for debt due Leonard Dozier & paid to his assignee John Hawkins, proven Bute Co. court Oct. 1765. (Smith's Creek rises in NW Warren Co. and flows N across the Va. state line.)

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 60 Executor's bond dated April 2, 1764 with Patrick Hamrick & James Bridges bound as securities for £ 100 for Patrick Hamrick, executor to make an inventory of Patrick Hamrick, deceased. Signed: Patrick Hamrick & Jas. Bridges. (This will is among the "lost" records of Pr. Wm. Co..)

Sept. 1764 Fauquier Co. Minute Book p. 7 Silvester Welch vs. Benjamin Hamrick & George Berry, debts, defendant not appearing.

Oct. 1764 Fauquier Co. Minute Book p. 47 Alexander Woodrow vs. Thomas Bridges, attachment.

Pr. Wm. Co. Will Book G/383-8 estate sale of John Diskin, dec'd. Oct. 22, 1764. Purchasers include James Hamrick & James Bridges, Thomas Stribling, and others. Recorded 1787. (Abstracts by J. W. Johnson)

Joseph Hamrick of ? to Allan Macrae of town of Dumfries, Pr. Wm. Co. Deed dated Nov. 2, 1764 Q/237-238 Pr. Wm. Co. £ 65 ...sells household goods and implements of household and husbandry, also the corn and tobacco made on the plantation where I now live.....still, beds, blankets, rugs, two horses, six cows and calves, 39 hogs, pots, dishes, corn, oats, .....all now in my possession etc...... Signed: Joseph Hamrick. Wit: William Dobbie. Proven in court Dec. 4, 1765 by oath of William Dobbie.

1765 Pr. Wm. Co. Tithable Lists (Magazine of Virginia Genealogy 30/2, p. 101-111 by J. Philip Bowery III). Joseph Hamrick 2 tithes, 0 acres; Richard Melton-2-280; John Graham (Broadrun)-2-200; Leonard Hart-1-121; Wm. Foster Junr.-3-150; William Ross-2-0; Benjamin Rush-5-260; Patrick Hamrick-2-130; James Hamrick-1-130; James Bridges 3-0; Thomas Hart-1-121; Jeremiah Hamrick-1-0; Joseph Hamrick & Edward Sparks-2-0; (Part two; 30/3 p. 167-174 by Edgar MacDonald) John Bridge's Pattroles--blank--; Moses Bridges-1; Thomas Stribling-5; Benjamin Bridges-5-112; Jeremiah Hamrick-1; Richd. Graham-1.

William Green of Mecklenburg Co., Province of North Carolina to James Bridges of Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Deed dated June 24, 1765 1/447-448 consideration: seven--- (illegible) pounds proclamation money, all that tract containing ------(blank) granted to said William Green by his Majesty's letter patent bearing date the--------(blank) on the South side of Broad River on both sides of Thickety Creek nigh to and above Richard Miller's survey, Beginning at a white oak & runs No 30 Et. 140 poles to a hickery, So 55 Et 100 to a pine, So 17 Et 100 to a white oak, So 31 Et 140 to a spanish oak, So 55 Et 40 to a popler, So 45 Wt 180 to a pine, thence to the beg. Signed: Will'm. (his "W"mark) Green. Witness: Jo'n. Clash; Joseph 8 Vaghens, mark; Joel (his mark) Blackwell; Anth'y. Hutchins. "Mecklenburg County, the clerks record of the probate of this deed is lost. Test: W. B. Alexander, C.R. Registered this for Oct. 6, 1767". ( A problem will occur in 1767 for James Bridges over this land, which can be understood by tracing the history of this tract. James Bridges also received two Crown grants on Thickety Creek in 1767.) George the second, Crown grant # 135 Anson Co. 2/31 and 10/341 to William Green dated March 31, 1753 for 350 acres in Anson Co. on S side of Broad River, both sides of Thickety Creek, beg. at a white oak,...omit same description.... William Green, planter of Anson Co. sold this 350 acre tract to John Brian, planter of same Co. on March 26, 1757 for £ 40 which was witnessed by William Sharp & Will'm. Hughes, with Ag'n. Green giving her consent. Brian should have recorded his deed in Anson Co., but apparently did not as it was recorded in Mecklenburg Co. 2/477, apparently later than the deed from Green to Bridges. John Brian (of Craven Co., S.C. ) sold the 350 acres on Thickety Creek formerly belonging to William Green in Anson Co. on March 21, 1759 to Philip Walker (of Craven Co., S.C.) for £ 200 current money of S. C., and Walker had his deed recorded in Anson Co. 6/382, with wit: Hugh McDonald & Thomas Poole. (The problem: at the time Green sold this land to Bridges, Green had already sold it to Brian, however Brian/Bryan had not recorded his deed, but Brian then sold it to Walker and Walker had recorded his purchase deed. A later sale of this land by either James Bridges or Phillip Walker has not been found yet) (There is a Crown grant # 58 to William Safold in Tryon Co. Nov. 14, 1771 for 200 acres on Thickety Creek, adj. John Steens, Burchfield, and No. 24 Wt. 120 with William Bridges line, with a July 4, 1771 survey by Jno. Kirkconell and CB: Daniel Safold & George Underwood, and is noted "cancelled & plat in Vardry McBee's name", RE: SS #1088) (This is the only reference to a William Bridges on Thickety Creek)

Crown to James Bridges. Grant # 449 dated Apr. 27. 1767. Mecklenburg Co. file #2024, 23/38. Entry dated ____. Survey by Zach Bullock dated March 21, 1766, for James Bridges 150 acres in Mecklenburg Co. on the middle fork of Bullock Creek of Thickitty Creek, chain bearers: Patrick Moore & William Twitty. (James sold this land to Yerbery Duberry Nov. 11, 1769)

Crown to James Bridges. Grant # 411 dated Oct. 26, 1767. Mecklenburg Co. file #2252 23/157. Entry dated ____. Survey by Wm. Dickson dated July 4, 1767, for James Bridges 375 acres in Mecklenburg Co. on both sides of Thickety Creek, including the mouth of Mincum's Creek, adj. and between Haunas Balme's and John Howard's lines. CB: Charles Robison & Micajah Collins. (James sold this land to William Twitty July 2, 1770)

DSCR 207.325.2 Salisbury District Civil Action Papers - 1768, N. C. Archives. Document quoted: "North Carolina, Salisbury District, (to wit) Salisbury Superior Court of Justice September term 1767. Phillip Walker complains of James Bridges, being in custody and so forth, for that on the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty five with force and arms, & he broke and entered the closes of the said Phillip Walker lying and being situate in the county of Mecklenburg formerly called Anson County and on the south side of Broad River & joining a certain creek called Thicketty Creek and with his foot in walking trod down and consumed the grass of the said Phillip to the value of two hundred shillings proclamation money lately growing in the said closes and with certain cattle to wit, horses, oxen, cows, hogs and sheep eat up and trod down other grasses and corn of the said Phillip Walker, to wit, Indian corn, wheat, rye, barley, oats, pease, beans and buck wheat to the value of sixty pounds proclamation money also lately growing in the said closes. And also then and there cut down and fell'd. all the timber and timber trees lately standing and growing in the said closes and the said timber cut up, consumed and did destroy to the value of one hundred pounds proclamation money, and also then and there did take and carry away forty waggon loads of timber arising there from to the value of forty pounds proclamation money. Continuing the said trespass from the said tenth day of March in the year of our Lord aforesaid as to the treading down and consuming the said grass and corn and with foot in walking and with the said cattle in the said closes on divers days and times from the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord aforesaid and until the day of Exhibiting of this bill (to wit) the twenty third day of March in the Seventh year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord George the Third now King of Great Britain, France and Ireland & so forth, and did other injuries to him against the ?po?ad? of our said Lord the present King, to the damages of the said Phillip Walker two hundred pounds lawful money of Great Britain and through he bring suit &. Pledges to prosecute (John Doe - Richard Roe) John Dunn, atty."

DSCR 207.325.2. Document quoted: "North Carolina, Salisbury District (to wit) George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To the Sheriff of the County of Mecklenburg, Greeting. We command you that you take the body of James Bridges late of your said county, planter (if to be found in your Bailiwick) and him safely keep so that you have him before our Chief Justice, and his associates at the next Superior Court of Justice, to be held for the District of Salisbury at the Court House in Salisbury on the Twenty Second day of (September-stricken) (March-stricken) Sept. next; then and there to answer Phillip Walker of a plea of Trespass & damage two hundred pounds lawful money of Great Britain. Herein fail not; and have you there this Writ: Witness: Martin Howard Esq; Chief Justice of our said Province at Salisbury the (Twenty third-stricken) 5 day of (March-stricken) (Sept-stricken) Mar. in the Seventh year of our Reign Anno Dom. 1768. Signed: John Frohock, D.S.C.. John Dunn, atty. On back of document:Walker vs. Bridges, writ, trespass. No. 45. To Sept(stricken), March term, 1768. John Dunn, atty. upon Thicketty Creek Broad River. Not to be found. Moses Alexander. John Fondren, D.S., James Wyly, executed bail."

DSCR 207.325.2 Document quoted: " North Carolina, Mecklenburg Co. Know all men by these presents that we James Bridges, Zach. Bullock and Thomas Nicholes all of the County and Province aforesaid are held and firmly bound unto James Wiley high sheriff of the sd County his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns in the just and full sum of four hundred pounds lawfull money of Great Britain to which payments will and truly to be maed and done . We bind our selves, our heirs, executors, administrators jointly and firmly by these presents seald with our seals and dated this twenth fifth 1768. The condition of the above oblagation is such that if the above bounded James Bridges shall well make his personal appearance before the Cheaf Justice and his associated justices for the district of Salisbury at the town of Salisbury on the fifth day of September next then and their to answer Phillip Walker of a plea of trespass and damage two hundred pounds lawful money of Great Britain and abid the judgment of ths sd. Court and not depart thence with seal of the sam then the above oblagation to be void else to remain in full force forever. Signed: James Bridges & Zach. Bullock & Thos. Nickolas. Witness: John Fondren.

Benjamin Bridges of Pr. Wm. Co., Va., planter to his daughter Nance (Nancy) Bridges. Deed Dated Nov. 29, 1766 Q/416-417 consideration: "ten pounds to me paid in hand but more espeically for the love and good will and affection which I have to and bear towards my daughter Nance Bridges". Two good feather beds and furniture, four cows and calves, two good iron pots, one young mare, one woman's sadle and bridle, one bay mare branded B blue face, one negro wench named Nell, one negro boy named George, thirteen head of sheep, one dutch oven, one desk, one oval table fifty pounds of good new ?L?ewter. Signed: Benjamin (his"B"mark) Bridges. Witness: Lewis Renoe & John Farrow. Benjamin Bridges acknowledged this deed of gift in court on Dec. 1. 1766. Teste-John Graham.

Robert Mathis' will dated Nov. 30, 1766. Fauquier Co. 1/149-150 Wit: Cornelius Kinchloe & James Hambrick. Proven Feb. 23, 1767 (Abstracts by J.E.S. King).

1766 birthdate of Gilson Hamrick in the Northern Neck, Va. On April 20, 1844 Gilson Hamrick, aged 78, made a Revolutionary war pension declaration in Kinton Co. Ky. He enlisted in the fall of 1781 and marched from Loudoun Co. to the siege of York, and was at the capture of Cornwallis. He served two months, was married in 1785 (wife now age 79) and moved to Ky. in 1796 and has resided there since except 3 years when he removed to Indiana. This application for pension was rejected because the applicant did not serve six months. (RE: R-4550, Gilson Hamrick, Va.)

Jane Middleton's will dated Aug. 6, 1767 Loudoun Co. Witness: James Hamrick.(Abstracts by J.E.S. King)

James John's will dated April 19, 1767 Loudoun Co. Witness: J. Hamrick (Abstracts by J.E.S. King)

1767 Pr. Wm. Co. landholders (accessions no. 21184 & 21185) Benj'n. Bridges-112 acres, James Hamrick-130, Patrick Hamrick-130, Eliza. Hamrick-118. (118 acres had been listed for Robert Hamrick from 1752 through at least 1761, but Robert's widow Elizabeth had been appointed as his administrator in May, 1757.)

Dec. 1767 PWCCOB p. 65 The will of William Foster, dec'd. was presented by William Foster, executor and proven by James Bridges, Alexander Davidson & William Wyatt.( Abstracts by M. Ljungstedt)

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 74 executor's bond dated Dec. 7, 1767 with William Foster, James Bridges, Alexander Davidson & William Wyatt bound as securities for £ 100 for Wm. Foster, executor to make an inventory of William Foster, deceased. Signed: William Foster, James Bridges & William Wyat. (Alexander Davidson is a tracer name that migrates with the Bridges families from Pr. Wm. Co. into Orange Co. then to Rutherford Co. and on to Ky.)

DSCR 207.325.2. Document quoted: "North Carolina, Salisbury District (to wit) George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To the Sheriff of the County of Mecklenburg, Greeting. We command you that you take the bodies of Vardry Macbee and James Bridges late of your said county, planters (if to be found in your Bailiwick) and them safely keep so that you have him before our Chief Justice, and his associates at the next Superior Court of Justice, to be held for the District of Salisbury at the Court House in Salisbury on the fifth day of Septemr. next; then and there to answer Charles Perkins of a plea that they render to him five hundred pounds proc. money which is to him they owe and unjustly detain &c. to the damage of the said Charls five hundred pounds proc. money &c.Herein fail not; and have you there this Writ: Witness: Martin Howard Esq; Chief Justice of our said Province at Salisbury the fifth day of March in the eighth year of our Reign Anno Dom. 1768. Signed: John Frohock, C.S.C.. A. Martin, atto. On back of document: Charles Perkins vs. Vardry Macbee & James Bridges, Broad River. writ, debt. To Salisbury Supr. Cort. Sepn. term 1768. Executed on Bridges by Jas. Wiley.

DSCR 207.325.2 Document quoted: "North Carolina , Salisbury, to wit: Salisbury Superior Court Sepn. term 1768. Charles Perkins complaineth of Vardry Mcbee and James Bridges of Mecklenburg County in the District of Salisbury being in custody of the Sheriff &c. of a plea that they render to the said Charles five hundred pounds proclamation money, which the said Vardrey and James owe to the said Charles and unjustly detain from him; for this to wit, that whereas the said Vardry and James on the twenty first day of April in the year of our Lord 1767 (one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven) at Salisbury aforesaid by his certain writing obligatory sealed with the seal of the said Vardry & James, and to the Court of our Lord the King here shewn: The date whereof is the same day and year, acknowledged themselves to be ...... ... ... ... ...... when they in the said sum of five hundred pounds to be paid to the said Charles when they the ....two lines illegible where folded.......have not paid Five hundred pounds to the said Charles but .... have refused and still do refuse to pay the same to him to the damage of the said Charles five hundred pounds procl. money and thereof he bringeth Suit &c. Signed: John Doe & Richard Roe, pled. A. Martin, Atto."

John Trops of ________ Co. to John Bumpass of _________Co. Deed dated prior Jan. 26, 1768 ___/___ lost Orange Co. deed £ ___ 209 acres in Orange Co. N.C. located on ________ Creek/River adj. _________ Witness: William Bridges & ___________. Proved in Orange Co. court Jan. 26, 1768 by William Bridges.

Isaac Hambrick of Pr. Wm. Co. to William Willson. Deed dated May 10, 1768 Q/604 £ 46.10.0 for one negroe lad named Charles. Signed: Isaac Hamrick. Wit: G. Lamkin, Peggy Lamkin. Bill of sale proven at court June 7, 1768 by oath of George Lamkin.

Pr. Wm. Co. court July 4, 1768 (Deed book Q p. 619-620) Melton's land divided. Richard Melton received 200 acres by his father's will, surveyed by Cornelius Kincheloe. Division betweeen Richard Melton and the orphan of William Melton dec'd. 200 acres & 170 acres. A two page plat recorded here locates "widow Hamrick's land". (Additional research will probably show this is Robert Hamrick's widow Elizabeth.)

Benjamin Bridges to John Wellow, both of Pr. Wm. Co., Va. Deed dated July 5, 1768 Q/621-622 in consideration of ye rents, yearly thirty pounds of tobaco due on Dec. 5th.......grant, sell and to farm lett unto...113 acres now in the tennure and possession of John Wellow in Pr. Wm. Co.... "being part of a tract taken up by Thomas Whitledge and by his will bequeathed to his two daughters Seybe & Elizabeth and it being that part laid off the sd. Seybe ".. for the natural life of Catherine Willow ye now the wife of sd John Wellow, for lives of the longest liver of them. Signed: Benjamin Bridges & John Weller. Wit: Lewis Reno & Evan Williams. Acknowledged by the parties July 5, 1768 court. John Graham, Ct Cur.(Thomas Whitledge received a grant in 1710 on Cedar Run Branch of Occaquan and in 1711 on branches of Occaquan.)

1769 - A list of balances due Richard Graham, merchant: Pr. Wm. Co. deed book R/139-143 Benjamin Hamrick £4; Jas. Bridges £4; Yelverton Peyton £16; Jas. Kay (tayr.) £2; Robert English (G. Waller to pay) £4; omit other names. (Abstracts by R. & S. Sparacio)

1769 Granville Co. tax list (S. S. 837) James Bridges 1 white & 1 black; John Bridges 1 white.

John Naughty's will dated Nov. 24, 1768 Westmoreland Co. proven Nov. 29, 1768. Mentioned: Martha & Mary Brown; John Bridges son of said Martha Brown and his dau Patty Bridges; James Thomas; Ann dau of William Gerrard; god son Yelverton Quisenberry; god son William Payne; god son John Bridges son of William Bridges; god son Richard son of Nathaniel Gerrard. (Abstract by Fothergill.)

Mathew Bayne, Senr.'s will dated Mar. 2, 1769 Westmoreland Co. proven Oct. 17, 1771. Wife: Elenor. Sons: Mathew, Carson, William, Richard and his dau Mary, John, Daniel, George: dau Sarah Vigor & her husband William Vigor; dau Amy Bridges & her son Mathew Bridges; dau Elizabeth Bayne. (Abstract by Fothergill.)

John Tomson Snr. of Orange Co., N.C. to John Bridges of Prince William County, Virginia. Deed dated June 29, 1769 3/210-211 £ 60 Va. 200 acres in Orange Co. beginning at a pine on said Taber's line running So. on top of the ridge between Mayo Creek & Buck Mountain Creek keeping the said ridge to a pine and sd Taber line as it is already laid off containing two hundred acres of land be the same more or less is being part of a larger tract of land belonging to the said John Taber according to the date of a deed granted him the said John Taber from the Right Hon. John Earl Granville bearing date 30th day of January AD 1761. Signed: John (his "X" mark) Tomson. Wit: Gabriel Davey, Moses (his "X" mark) Bridges. April court 1777 this deed was proven by oath of Gabriel Davey. (This "Mayo Creek" John may be the second "John" Bridges in the area, as "Cubb Creek" John first purchased land in 1761/62 Orange Co. which he did not sell until 1772, so probably would not have been referred to in this 1769 deed as from Pr. Wm. Co., Va. "Flat River" John is unidentified. There was one John Bridges on the 1771 Granville Co. tax list, and two on the 1771 Orange Co. petition. When did Mayo Creek John sell this land? ?ca 1769/77 by a lost deed?)

David Stroud to Moses Bridges, both of Orange Co., N.C. Deed dated Aug. 9, 1769 3/235-236 £ 49 Va. 166 acres on Mayo Creek , which land George Flyn purchased of Gabriel Davey being part of a larger tract belonging to Davey from a deed granted him from Lord Earl of Granville dated Jan. 27, 1762. adj. Gabriel Davey. Signed: David (his "X" mark) Stroud. Wit: Gabriel Davey, Isaac Johnston. April court 1770 proven by oath of Gabriel Davey. (When did Moses Bridges sell this land? ca 1769/77 by a lost deed?).

Aug. 7, 1769 PWCCOB p. 59 Richard Melton returned an account of the estate of John Hamrick, dec'd. (Abstract by J.W. Johnson) (Richard Melton had been a bondsman for Sarah to be admn. on this estate, 12 years earlier, which seems like a long time for the estate to go unsettled unless there were minor heirs and a guardianship involved?).

Sept. 4, 1769 PWCCOB p. 85 The will of Elizabeth Englesh was presented to Court by John Bridges, executor and proven by oaths of James Bridges & Samuel Hamrick.(Abstracts by J. W. Johnson) (The date of this will, which was witnessed by James Bridges & Samuel Hamrick, indicating their geographical presence, is unknown.)

Pr. Wm. Co. Bond Book p. 86. Executor's bond dated Sept. 4, 1769 for John Bridges & James Bridges bound as securities for £ 500 for John Bridges, executor to make an inventory of the property of Elizabeth Bridges English, deceased. (The middle name "Bridges" of the deceased may be partially stricken over). Signed: John Bridges & James Bridges.

Oct. 19, 1769 estate sale in Virginia of David Halliburton reported to Orange Co., court April, 1770 (CR 073.514.1) p. 247 purchasers included: Aaron Bridges two cows £ 3-10-0 and Gabriel Davey old iron £ 2-2-0. Page 270 reports the estate sale of Green Pryor on Nov. 15, 1771 and includes purchasers: Aaron Bridges mare £ 5-0-0, also Charles Bostiks and Joseph Dunken.

James Bridges to Yerby Duberry, both of Tryon Co., N.C. Deed dated Nov. 11, 1769. Now recorded Lincoln Co. 1/245-246 (Tryon old book 3/90-91, CR 094.401.3) £ 100 150 acres in Tryon Co. on the Middle Fork of Bullock's Creek of Thicketty Creek. Signed: James Bridges. Wit: Wm. Saffold, Sarah Saffold, Daniel Saffold. Proven Tryon Co. court July 1770. (James purchased this land from the Crown Apr. 27, 1767)

Thomas Gibson of __________ to John Bridges of ________________ Co. _______ Deed dated Feb. 10 1770 ___/___ unrecorded or lost Orange Co. deed £ ____ _____ acres on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, adj. John Carrington, part of a grant from Earl Granville to Thomas Gibson dated May 2, 1752. Signed: _________ Wit: _______, _______. ?Proven in Orange Co. court, Feb.-May, 1770 ?. (Sold by John to Thomas Bridges May 25, 1770)

John Carrington of _________ to John Bridges of _________________ Co., _____ Deed dated May 24, 1770 ___/___ unrecorded or lost Orange Co. deed £ ____ ____ acres on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, adj. the land of said John Bridges which he purchased from Thomas Gibson., this tract was part of a grant from Earl Granville to sd. Carrington dated June 7, 1761. Signed: _____________. Wit: _____, _____. ?Proven in Orange Co. court May, 1770? (Sold by John to Thomas Bridges May 25, 1770)

John Bridges and wife Elizabeth of Orange Co. N.C to Thomas Bridges of Bute Co., N.C. Deed dated May 25, 1770 3/401-402 Orange Co. £ 150 "two tracts of land lying & being on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, the one part being part of the tract of land conveyed to Thomas Gibson by Earl Granville's deed bearing date May the 2nd in the year 1752 & from sd Gibson to John Bridges by deed dated February 10th 1770 bounded by Flat River in the County afores'd on the one side & by the back line of the said land of the other side, the other part being the land conveyed to John Bridges by John Carrington by deed bearing date May 24th 1770 & to the sd Carrington by Earl Granville deed bearing date June the 7th in the year 1761 - bounded by Flat River Afs'd & by the backline of the aforesaid tract of land lying adjoining each other containing in the whole by estimation one hundred acres". Signed: John (his "S" mark) Bridges. Wit: James Bridges, Jno. (his "X" mark) Carrington. Proven by oath of James Bridges on September 25, 1771. Recorded by Richard Henderson. (The wife did not sign. Was she privately examined?) (When did Thomas Bridges sell this land?)

James Bridges to William Twitty, both of Tryon Co., N.C. Deed dated July 2, 1770. Now recorded Lincoln Co. 1/230-231 (Tryon old book 3/63-64. CR 094.401.3) £ 60 proclamation. 375 acres in Tryon Co. on both sides of Thickety Creek including the mouth of Memkums Creek, adj. Honnas Balme and Howard. Signed: James Bridges. Wit: Jonas Bedford, Miles Hart. Proven Tryon court July 1770 by Jonas Bedford. (James purchased this land from the Crown Oct. 26, 1767. William Twitty was a chain bearer on the July 4, 1767 survey of 150 acres on Thicketty Creek for James Bridges. On March 25, 1775, James Bridges & William Twitty were with Daniel Boone in Kentucky cutting a road, for Col. Richardson Henderson, from Long Island on the Holston to Cumberland Gap when Shawnee Indians attacked and killed William Twitty.)

Patrick Hamrick (son of Patrick Hamrick), planter to Rut Johnson, farmer, both of Pr. Wm. Co. Deed of lease dated Sept. 6, 1770 5 shillings; Deed of release dated Sept. 7, 1770 £ 90. R/245-247 for 130 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. on Winter's Branch, being part of 260 acres which was conveyed to Elizabeth Day by Henry McDonack and afterwards fell to Patrick Hamrick who gave it to his son the above Patrick Hamrick, Beginning at a hicory corner to the dividing line between his land and that of James Hamrick......omit description...except sixteen square poles of land to be laid off to include a graveyard which is to be appropriated to no other use. Signed: Patrick Hamrick. Wit: Daniel Payne, John Neilson, John Craig, Will'm. Foster. Acknowledged by Patrick Hamrick in court (Sept. 7, 1770 or Jan. 7, 1771). (This deed implies James Hamrick of the 1753-1777 tax lists with 130 acres is also the son of Patrick Hamrick Senr. since that quantity of land would be the other half of the 260 acre tract. After Patrick Jr. sold this land he apparently moved, prior to 1778 to Wilkes Co., N.C. A younger Patrick Hamrick is listed in Pr. Wm. Co. as late as 1790 and another younger Patrick also appears in the Wilkes Co. records.)

The Hamrick family cemetery is located in the book: 100 Old Cemeteries of Prince William County, Virginia by E.R. Conner, III (1981). Page 107-110 indicates the Johnson family cemetery is at Clover Hill Farm, 9115 Clover Hill Road, within the city limits of Manassas, Va. The Johnson cemetery is south of the road, just downhill from and south-west from the main farmhouse. This book indicates Rutt Johnson purchased this land from Patrick Ham(b)rick. The Hamrick family cemetery was just to the north of the Johnson cemetery, but was not fenced & cattle roamed freely over it. Wheatley Johnson once excavated two very old stones in this area to show them to a Hamrick descendant, but the markers have apparently become buried again. A number of Johnson family headstones are listed (omit). A map in this book locates the house south of the road, an east to west running fence south of the house, the old Hamrick cemetery south of the fence and the Johnson cemetery south of the Hamrick cemetery, with an old slave cemetery off to the south-west.

Moses Span to Soloman Langston, both of Granville Co., N.C. Deed dated Sept. 16, 1770 K/117 £ Va. 130 acres in Granville Co. on (east) side of Cubb Creek, where Span now lives, adj. Washington. Signed: Moses (his "M" mark) Span. Wit: James Langston, Samuel Hamrick. Proven in court Feb. 1773 by oath of James Langston. (In the 1790 census, Moses Span was in Greenville Dist., S.C. and Samuel Hamrick was in Rutherford Co., N.C.)

Samuel Hamrick and wife Mary, and Elizabeth Hamrick to Isaac Davis. Both of Dettingen Parish, Pr. Wm. Co. Deed of lease dated Oct. 24, 1770 5 shillings; deed of release dated Oct. 25, 1770 £ 72 R/255-258 for 118 acres in Pr. Wm. Co. on Winter's lower and middle branches, a tract granted to Patrick Hamrick by deed from the Proprietor's Office dated Dec. 10, 1740 and is adj. Isaac Davis,.....nigh a glade of Crupper's cabbin branch, a branch of buckall Cosner?, ...adj. Richard Melton & Colo. Champe. Signed: Samuel Hamrick, Mary (her"X"mark) Hamrick, Elizabeth (her "X"mark) Hamrick. Witness: Cornelius Kincheloe, Patrick Hamrick, John Hamrick, William (his'X"mark) Hazelrig, Thomas Bird, William Davis. This lease and release was proven in court Feb. 6, 1771 by oaths of Cornelius Kincheloe, Thomas Bird & William Davis. (Samuel is the apparent son of Robert & Elizabeth, and Samuel and his mother sold this land at the time Samuel moved to North Carolina. Patrick Hamrick Sr. sold this land to Robert Hamrick ca 1741/51. This land was taxed to Robert Hamrick 1752-1761. Robert's widow Elizabeth was appointed his administrator in May, 1757. This land was taxed to Eliza. Hamrick in 1767. Did any of the men who witnessed this deed: Cornelius Kincheloe, William Hazelrig, Thomas Bird or William Davis marry Hamrick women that might be daughters of Robert? Can the witnesses Patrick Hamrick & John Hamrick be sons of Robert? )

Nov. 5, 1770 PWCCOB p. 239 On request from Mark Thorpe, ordered William Foster, George Foster, William Brown & James Hamrick to set apart Thorpe's wife's part of personal estate of Charles Stuart. (Abstracts by J. W. Johnson)

Absalom Langston to Samuel Hambrick , both of Granvillle Co., N. C., Deed dated December 12, 1770 J/268-269 £ 120 450 acres in Granville Co. on east side of Cub Creek of Tar River, adj. Washington . Signed: Absalom Langston and Christian Langston. Wit: James Willson, James Langston. Aug. court 1771 proven by oath of James Langston. (This land is adj. the 340 tract of James Bridges and adj. William Washington. Samuel sold this land to Littleton Mapp Oct. 7, 1772).

Lord Fairfax to John Hamrick of Fauquier Co. grant dated Nov. 30, 1771 5/147-152. 134 acres to John Hamrick & Nancy his wife and William Hamrick his son. (omit details).

1771 Orange Co. petition: (Legislative Papers, 1771 - L.P. 8 Folder 9-12; November 1771, N.C. Archives). "To his Excellency Josiah Martin Esqr. Capt. General Governor in and over the Province of North Carolina the Honourable Council Mr. Speaker & Gent. of the House of Burgess this Humble Petition of the inhabitants of the North part of Orange County Humble Sheweth that whereas by the large Extent of said County it renders it very Burdensom to attend General Musters & Courts & we pray that a Line beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virg'a. line thence running South on Granville line Twenty five miles & there corner & thence west to Guilford line thence North along Said Guilford to the Virg'a. line thence East along the Virg'a. line to the Beginning & your Petition as in duty bound shall ever pray &e." (This petition contains 172 names on three pages.) The following names were selected because they also appear in deeds mentioned in this article. #4-Gabriel Davey, #6-Moses his-x-mark Bridges, 7-Robert Paine, 8-Aaron his-x-mark bridges, 11-Abraham Womack, 13-John Thomas, 14-John Bridges, 28-Isaac Reaves, 31-John Bumpas,32-Samuel Bumpas, 33-Edward Bumpas, 34-William Bumpas, 35-Robert Bumpas, 40-James tabar, 41-Alexander Davison, 42-John Davison, 93-John Thomson, 106-John Tabor, 112-James Saterfield, 114-James Saterfield, 118-William Jay, Senr. 123-John boling, 127-John bridges, 131-James Saterfield, 138-John tomson Junr., 141-Wm. Bridges Senr., 142-Wm. Bridges Junr. (Caswell Co. was formed in 1777, but did not extend as far South as this petition requested. The nearness of numerical sequence of some of the petitioners may indicate geographical grouping related to residence. A birthdate for #141-William Bridges Senr. can be estimated based on the legal age of his probable son #142-William Bridges Junr. from this list by the calculating (1771 - 21 - 21), or probably b. prior 1729.)

1771 Granville Co. N.C. tax list (L.P. 11.1 March 1-17, 1771). James Bridges with 5 taxables, John Bridges-1, Samuel Hambrick-2. (One of the taxables counted with James Bridges is probably Thomas Bridges. Counted with Samuel Hambrick might be Enock Hambrick who was listed beside Samuel on a 1777 Caswell Co. tax list)

(to be continued)

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